I started the day with a sugar free Monster, but I'm almost through it and still falling asleep. I'm going to get some , but I'm afraid no amount of caffeine may be able to keep me awake today.

I cam into work barely able to stay away. Had some coffee. Shitty. Starbucks. Drip brew breakfast blend office coffee.

I'm a little more awake now. ... probably going to need a sugar free Monster as some point.

Game of Thrones is finally over. The Alt Shift X live stream is still going.

Now that it's all over ... maybe I'll get enough sleep now before starting a new week.

I want to write and publish a book called "A Week Without My Phone" but ironically not offer print copies and have it only available in ebook editions.

TYMND is gone.

It's as if millions of memes suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened.

Finally got hostapd working in 802.11ac mode. Turns out a simpler config was what I needed.

For people who used the historic Prodigy On-Line service and remember MadMaze, apparently the original authors ported it to the web. You can still play it, complete with its original graphics and glory:


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A variant of Linux encoded entirely in the genome, distributed over the centuries and millennia of human reproduction, slowly changing and breaking and reforming, until it's rediscovered in the far, far future in a small mammilian offshoot of humanity, recompiled, and the wifi drivers just dont work for fucks sake.

Are there any Natural Language parsers that can be trained to identify puns .. because it'd be fun to write a bot that responds to ever pun with "You're fired"

Moving day. I hired movers, like the capitalist swine I am 🐷

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Does anyone have either a Trident X or a Corsair One? I'm replacing my old gaming laptop soon and am thinking of buying one of these rather than doing another build. Interested if anyone has opinions on either of these or any other small form factor options.

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