What if your kink was being gaslit (gaslighted?)

I wonder how many dead instances I follow. So many ghosts of things that were, but are now gone .. lost to the Ether

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Soft Sounds For Hard Times #2 WIP

probably gonna have a LOT LOT LOT more happening in this (albeit maybe just subtle stuff and switching up a lot of the beat which is kind of just scaffolding for writing over rn) but I'm really happy with the vibes this has so far????

Before I moved off of Gmail, I extracted an archive of all that e-mail and placed it in a Maildir folder and put it on my current IMAP server.

Maybe once or twice a year I'll go through and read some old e-mails .. reading stuff today from 2005. We talked so much differently back then ... we actually wrote out our thoughts in long form.

Over the years there have been fewer and fewer people I've done that with. Today it's probably less than 5, and it might be months between replies.

Nextcloud running in a docker container feels sluggish. Their Linux client segfaults on my home machine, and qt5webkit, one of its dependencies, segfaults when it tries to compile on another machine. The Android app just kept crashing over and over after an update .... Syncthing works great through, both via relay and when I give it explicit computer IPs on my home VPN. I've heard when it was OwnCloud; people complained about data loss. So this is a sign to give up on it. Good effort at least.

I really hate it when I see some awesome art and reply to OP saying it's awesome art and then realize it's from mastodon.art, where I'm banned from, so they can never see me telling them I like their art ... why am I banned from mastodon.art?

and I don't want to use a script. It's a website you have to be logged into -- don't want any weird user-agents ... needs to look like it's just me in my browser checking...

Are there any tools to run scripting within my current browser session at regular intervals? I don't need a full on selenium test or anything; I just want something like a greasemonkey script, I run every few hours, pull a few divs from a website and stick it in a queue somewhere.

Company all hands meetings are the worst. Nobody cares.

I should have deleted the old configuration file a long time ago, or at least used different SSH keys.

Fucking god damn it ... all my issues were due to applying the wrong fucking server config! I was applying our old IPv4 only config to the new droplet that has IPv6!

I should go to bed ... I should have gone to bed an hour ago. 😴

Fucking MEGA sync works on one machine but is totally broken on this one; even after deleting all my settings, moving my old MEGA directory and forcing a resync. I guess it's time to switch to something self-hosted. Huh .. git-annex puts me in Haskell dependency hell .. Maybe I should finally setup NextCloud.

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Which is worse: ignorance or apathy? Who knows? Who cares?

I don't understand mastodon 

I see a post go by that's kinda insane ... and I could respond, but I'm just gonna let it pass. I don't want my notifications filled up with insanity. .. Since when did software development get so political?

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