I have a friend who's dying of brain cancer. We (many of his high school friends) are going up this weekend to see him. It's strange to be going to see an old friend, and not be excited about it.

I debating if I should start playing Overwatch

Birdsite locked my account for a Tweet I made A DECADE AGO!

I never really use it anymore except to promote my blog anyway.

oh geeze. oh geeze oh geeze ... I just .. I just made out with one of my really good friends ...

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holy shit. I did it. It actually works.

I have spun up a Pleroma instance on... my fucking Nintendo Switch. I don't think the Switch was ever intended to be a **webserver**, but hey, it's 2019 and there are lightbulbs with CPUs built into them soooo

It can be accessed at cursed.frinkel.tech. don't sign up if you want a reliable instance, since it'll probably be down 90% of the time, since I'd actually like to use my switch to do what it was intended to do and play games. :P
My Nintendo Switch displaying a…
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I told Ally how I felt about her this weekend. She's not into me that way. Should have known better.

Allie is staying the whole weekend and bringing her dog ... I wonder if she realizes I'm into her. No one going to the play tonight knows I'm into her thankfully.

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Yet another American citizen illegally imprisoned as an "illegal immigrant".
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The difference between the ICE and the KGB is that the ICE is here. buzzfeednews.com/article/hamed

I had to bump the VM for my fediverse server .. runs way better now. I've been paying a lot lately. I really need to consider consolidating onto one dedicated server. Scaleway looked interesting, but their API sucks and they have no managed DNS (DigitalOcean and Vultr DNS are supported by my provisioning tool: github.com/sumdog/bee2/)

If I could just stick my desktop Ryzen in a datacenter, I'd be set for years. Co-locating pre-made or custom 1Us is expensive though.

I just finished up a post about the death of mom-and-pop e-commerce stores. Enjoy you Amazon shoppers!


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