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'@kde Connect has been removed from #GooglePlay for violating their new policy on apps that access SMS [1]. The policy has an explicit exception for companion apps (like KDE Connect), but it was removed anyway and *there's no way to talk to #Google*'

Just another example of how corps are willing to throw their weight around when it comes to avoiding taxes etc. yet are unwilling to put their weight behind any sort of customer service that would actually help people.

There was this girl I dated last year for like a month. We had sex once and then a few days of text later she said she had gotten serious with someone else. ... I left a 128GB usb stick at her house and forgot it plugged in to her TV. Finally replaced it today ... these things are stupid cheap now.

So, apparently there's a collectors market for "Star Notes," or US notes that were replacements for bad prints and have a star in their serial number.

Still .. if you pay $120 for a $100 bill on eBay .. you are an idiot.

New Zealand had its first mass shooting ... they grow up so fast.

I face problems with Vultr block storage taking down my mastodon instance at least once a month now. I gotta start looking at migrating to Scaleway.

Whenever I start a new job, I think of that line from The Wire where the kid is about to go to prison: "Remember, you only do two days. The day you go in and the day you come out."

Every time I try out uMatrix, on either Firefox or a Chromium based browser (like Vivaldi), my browser slows to a craaaaaawl.

I can't seem to find any active issues, but are there known speed problems with uMatrix, or are there just some runaway scripts here and there that spin to 100% because another script they need isn't loaded? I don't see anything glaring in about:performance.

This work agreement has an arbitration clause in it. I don't think I've ever signed one of these before. I don't really want to either. I wish giving up your right to court was illegal.

huh .. backups weren't running .. or log rotations. I need to finish writing my alert system.

I finished up too indie titles within a week: Wandersong and Steamworld Dig.

Wandersong has an amazing story. Gameplay is fun; puzzles are okay; characters will make you feel. It is a little long..some of the dialog just goes on for a bit.

Steamworld I started played years ago and then my laptop was stolen. Finally played it from the beginning. It's a nice short indie title. Really basic mechanics. Cute graphics. Medium challenge and good fun.

I'd recommend both, with Wandersong first.

Favorite Superhero movies:

1. Logan (2017)
2. Deadpool (2016)
2. Dredd (2012)
4. Avengers Infinity War (2018)

Favorite Video Games:

1. Red Dead Redemption II
2. Hotline Miami II
3. Final Fantasy VII

(My score of 6.7 is out of 10). I would wait for a streaming/bluray release .. and pirate it .. or a cam. Not worth the theater price.

Captain Marvel (no spoilers): saw it yesterday and .. eh..boring. There's not a lot of character development; flashbacks to a quick montage of where character development should be. I was falling asleep by the end. The humor was shitty marvel humor. People in the theater were laughing at the 90s. I was thinking, "Please stop laughing; It's pandering.." Lot of "Life was hard for women pilots" sprinkled in. Larson is a fine actress, but her character is badly written. Very Green Lantern. Score:6.6

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@djsumdog I have got to the point where I put out a standard council rubbish bag every 5-8 weeks and the recycling bins get put out about 3 times a year.

I heard somewhere that the typical person in a western society generates about 2.6kg of rubbish a day. I was a little shocked at that.

For reference, I have no citation for that number, but it was a source I generally trust to check that sort of thing.

I feel like I had the shittiest interview: I wasn't on the visitor list when I arrived. I called the HR person's two numbers and the girl at the desk called all the numbers she had and no one picked up. I started 45 minutes late because the laptop wasn't even ready. I had a two hour session to try to write the game of Chess and I was let go 3 hours early because I had trouble write an O(n^2) algorithm for finding all the triples that added up to a given sum.

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Today's interview schedule includes a two fucking hour long programming challenge from 9am to 11am. I already don't want to work here. Thursday's interview starts at a more reasonable 10am.

Does Stallman own/drive a car? Because unless it's from the 70s, there's proprietary software in that ECU.

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