I couldn't sleep because a car alarm was going off last night. Turns out it was mine. My door was unlocked this morning. I just had the car detailed and there was literally nothing in the car to steal. Nothing was taken .. the battery was just dead. God I fucking hate living in this neighborhood.

What is the license for this file?


One thing that bugs me about things on archive.org is they don't clearly indicate licenses for use.

Well ... I see a hell thread ... glad to know those are still a thing.

I lost a filling today. I'm calling my dentist first thing Monday. It doesn't hurt .. but damn ... with all the drilling she did .. it's like over half of my top right molar is just totally gone .... I have a feeling she's going to just remove it. I'm not sure if it can be filled in.

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I hope everyone who reads this has a good day.

And even if you don't read this, I hope you have a good day too. ☀️ ☀️ ☀️

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okay but why is the Algorithm always like “show me the best posts first” what if I wanna see the worst posts first? computer show me which absolutely blazing takes i missed while asleep

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Fuck the GRE is expensive. Well I better start studying.

It's cold outside .. but it's only 17:09 ... and I should get moar booze. 🍺

Today I finished a book: Tiamat's Wrath, and with it all the currently published novels in The Expanse series. I also finished two games today: Katana ZERO and Devil May Cry 5 (without any in-game purchases).

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Voat was trying to break in as an alternative to Reddit, but now it's just a cesspool of hate. Here's my take on what went wrong...


I started playing Katana Zero .. it's like Hotline Miami .. with swords ... I love it

I'm still on my student rental Banjo, but I'm thinking of driving to Michigan next month to one of the larger instrument stores to buy one for myself.

I've spend the day getting my phone back to a state I like: Magick, rooted, adblocked, with as much telemetry as I can find disabled. I fucking hate Android. Can't wait to try out PureOS.

Trying to re-root my Razer phone after the Pie update lead to a complete wipe of the device (just by trying to get into fastboot mode .. no menu, just a screen saying it was getting wiped).

I tried Lineage, but had a ton of issues, (Wi-Fi Bluetooth not working, display, etc.) I had to restore the factor firmware and am upgrading to Pie again .. hmm .. probably could have gone from O -> Lineage with everything working. eh fuck it. I ordered a Purism 5 in anger. I'll use this shit until then.

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