so now Cloudflare:
- hosts website's DNS
- reverse-proxies websites
- runs a DNS over HTTPS resolver
- runs an IPFS gateway

Is it just me, or are they positioning themselves to be able to MITM everything?

@djsumdog what happened in 2013?
Also, nobody in IT ever learns from history, they instead "move fast and break things". What did you expect.

@djsumdog oh... yeah, most people probably felt like "oh no, I can't do anything about it, I'm just gonna turn off the TV and cry in a corner", and then forgot.


@Wolf480pl Well a lot of people literally can't do anything. Like I started running my own e-mail server again after that and even wrote this article:

..but a lot of people don't have the skill or knowledge. They just move from one big provider to another, if they do anything at all. And I don't blame them. This stuff is hard.

@djsumdog @Wolf480pl

We shouldn't blame them.

BUT this stuff is not THAT hard.
And people like @bob make it easier each day.
And we can teach them curiosity.

yeah, I do agree that for most people the news was non-actionable.

I just wish they (especially those who work in IT) remembered it for the future, so that when they have an opportunity to choose, they chose the right thing.

For example, when someone makes a small website, or gets someone to make one for them, they have a choice to use a CDN and some 3rd party JS, or not to use it. Their site would be just fine without it. If they remembered Snowden, they'd know the right choice.

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