@TheGibson that article made me consider several things:

- Facebook most likely found his location by geolocating nearby WiFi MAC addresses. Creepy.

- Despite its success the Facebook site *is* a temporary blip on the radar. To survive as a company they have to branch out to other, unrelated industries.

Unfortunately (for them) they think like a typical silicon valley tech company and invest in stuff like more social, ads and fringe products like the Oculus.

They can't think "traditional".


@polychrome @thegibson They've bought sooo much though. How many people have you heard say "I'm quitting Facebook and just using WhatsApp" not realizing FB owns WhatsApp, Instagram .. like everything .. They've bought so much of their competition.

In a way it's really good, because I don't think another monolith can take them on at this point. I think the future has to be distributed/federated. Unlike when Diaspora was launched, it's easier to run hosted services now.

@djsumdog @polychrome @thegibson Yahoo bought a lot of things too. Now they're owned by AOL, which in turn is owned by Time Warner & Oath.

Most friends & family I talk to now say things like "I don't use Facebook much anymore". While that's not the same as deleting their account or the mobile apps, it doesn't bode well for the company's future.

@bobstechsite @djsumdog @TheGibson Oh man. An OATH / Facebook merger would make things even more.. well, bad.

@polychrome @djsumdog @thegibson "before you can login to your profile on this new device, can you just agree to all our ads, otherwise you'll have to repeatedly opt-out of optional tracking and then manually opt-out for each of our many hundreds of third party companies"

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