You want to know what happens when you don't have free speech? Ask Australians. This post, which talks about suppression and gives no details over the conviction in a high profile case, was taken down. The original is a 404:

The EFF opposed the Right to be Forgotten legislation for this reason, because it is more often used for censorship by the powerful to cover up their crimes.

@djsumdog has the right to be forgotten been used in that way so far? could it be modified such that it can't be used in that way? why or why not?

@qtd3n It has. There were lawyers from the EFF talking about it at Defcon in .. 2016 I think? I'm not sure if they post videos from the panel discussions though, but they did have specific examples.

Here is the official EFF stance from 2016:

I'm not sure if it applies since I think the French Right to be Forgotten laws have been superseded by the GDPR, which includes similar protections.

@djsumdog I'd be surprised if the GPDR covers the same ground, since I thought it only applies to things more than just a name, which is why you can't ask a news site to take down a story just because it's about you etc.

@qtd3n Yea I'm not sure honestly. I should probably look into it when I get some time. Right now I should probably get to bed.

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