Does Stallman own/drive a car? Because unless it's from the 70s, there's proprietary software in that ECU.

@djsumdog I mean, he doesn't even install his own distro.
What do you think?

@djsumdog I don't believe he'll even hold a driver's license, because that represent state-sponsored surveillance. Might be wrong ... I guess he has a passport, eh?

@djsumdog Yes but is that ECU firmware flashed in the factory and static or can it be updated by the user. The way Stallman sees it, non-updatable firmware code is "functional" in nature and can't really be distinguished from the underlying hardware, thus he's not going to lose sleep over it.

@djsumdog Well, I can answer part of that. I am not sure he would have a problem with that proprietary software.

> As for microwave ovens and other appliances, if updating software is not a normal part of use of the device, then it is not a computer. ... However, if it has an "update firmware" button, that means installing different software is a normal part of use, so it is a computer.

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