Is it just me, or has #Google already closed off the #GooglePlus APIs?
I'm getting 204 No Content results for all Activity#get and Comment#get requests, and empty "items: []" list results for Activity#list and Comment#list queries.

Or is it just me, and have I been shadowbanned?

You can try via the API Explorer:"userId"%3A"me"%2C"collection"%3A"public"%7D

#Plexodus #GooglePlusShutdown


@FiXato I mean .... it's less than a month out ..

You know what I never got? Porn sites with G+ buttons. Like ... why would you want anyone to know you use Google+?

while the website is due to shutdown on April 2nd, the APIs are slated for March 7th, but it seems like Google turned them off a day / day and a half earlier...
As for pornsites with G+ buttons: I'm sure there are groups of people who don't mind if others see their adult entertainment likes. Especially for instance when using a pseudonym.

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