Captain Marvel (no spoilers): saw it yesterday and .. eh..boring. There's not a lot of character development; flashbacks to a quick montage of where character development should be. I was falling asleep by the end. The humor was shitty marvel humor. People in the theater were laughing at the 90s. I was thinking, "Please stop laughing; It's pandering.." Lot of "Life was hard for women pilots" sprinkled in. Larson is a fine actress, but her character is badly written. Very Green Lantern. Score:6.6


(My score of 6.7 is out of 10). I would wait for a streaming/bluray release .. and pirate it .. or a cam. Not worth the theater price.

@djsumdog tbh that's what I was expecting and that's why I definitely didn't want to see it in theatres... You could guess it'd be like that from: A. marvel B. female lead marvel C. the trailers (which reinforced A and B). It's a drag that superhero films can't be made by people who care for sllightly more than money and pandering

@caseyp The 2012 Dredd film (no to be confused with the shitty 1995 film) was a really amazing and underrated film. Dredd's boss was a black woman, his rookie was a woman and so was the villein. I never noticed this until years later because it wasn't in your face about it. It was just a thing that was. There was no 'we have to save the world/city' either .. it was just one isolated story like a regular superhero comic book. More films would benefit from looking at it.

@djsumdog What do you mean?!? The world needs a Her(o), didn't you see the trailers???
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