So if you shoplift something from an Amazon store (pick something up in such a way the cameras/AI doesn't register it) ... is it really shoplifting? I feel like this is going to turn into a fun game ... kids trying to fool the Amazon AI.

@djsumdog you get to keep things if you don't get charged, they're very confident in their technology as to it not really causing significant losses

@djsumdog I'm 100% convinced the real smart play is to get 10 friends together and crash the store, blitz the shelves, and book it for the exit

@djsumdog but with no tellers! And what; a single security guard?

@djsumdog I really recommend against trying to shoplift in a store that literally has hundreds of high rez full color motion cameras looking down at every angle

@djsumdog this'll end up like the statue stealing scene from the Indiana Jones movie. :thonking:

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