I'm so sick of all these todays. What am I doing with my life. Why do I keep falling for girls who will never be interested in me?

..Tell me something good.

@djsumdog focus on yourself. build a good career, be a good man. the girl will come

@wmarshall is right on this one. Alternatively, find something that you enjoy doing socially that brings you in contact with strangers who have similar interests. Events like Comic Con are great for making friends for me because you've already got common ground with a ton of the attendees. Getting lucky enough to meet people who you want to spend time with is partly a numbers game

If you've ever been curious about learning ballroom or similar partner dances, taking classes at a local studio is another excellent way to meet people, especially women, since any good class is going to rotate all the follows (women) with all the leads (men).

@skypage Dude, I've been dancing Lindyhop and Blues (some ballroom) for nearly 20 years 😅 I've run a Lindy and Blues scene in two cities. I also do spoken word poetry ( I've literally traveled around the world ( I have a masters degree and my career is fine. I've gained some weight back in 🇺🇸, but I'm working on it. I am making new friends in a new city :flag:

Just because your life is alright doesn't mean you can't be lonely.

@skypage and the girl thing has always been hard for me. My ex was in town week before last .. and I kinda has sex with her because no matter how good life is, it's never too good to still make bad life choices 😅

There are some girls I've been talking to, but girls who reciprocate my interest are like .. <5% of girls I like. It's just the reality, and it's not easy. There are no quick fixes. In the words of John Mayer, sometimes we're just waiting for the world to change.

Damn, Lindy Hop is no walk in the park. Tried it a little, but I'm more for West Coast Swing and Tango as my top two, and the wife wasn't a fan on Lindy when we tried it.

I understand you can be lonely with a decent life, was giving my thoughts with less knowledge about you than I have now. Might be able to give some useful tips to at least save time when it comes to dating based on some excellent info a friend gave me years ago.

@djsumdog some folks have to wait a while for good shit to happen. I was 42 before I met the right person by which time I had practically given up. I've noticed in my life so far that good things have a habit of only turning up once you've stopped expending effort looking for them. I can't think of a way to put that without it sounding glib.

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