hmm, can't upload videos, I get 503s even if the size is relatively low, any ideas @angristan? Maybe something is down or running out of space?

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@espectalll The admin world of mastodon really is pure cancer tbh. It's mostly just butthurt people who want to bulk-block absolutely everything for the smallest offense.

I can't view them as anything other than control freaks who want to micromanage their whole social network experience to fit their wishes.

I'm with Angristan in the fact that I believe the purpose of the fediverse is to give control to users, so they can do what they want.

But good lord there's so many instances out there that just mass block and then users from these instances go around parading that you're a shitty admin because you don't block instances like others did, even though they're not even a member of your instance.

People are free to create whatever instances they want, but you'd be amazed how many instances out there don't even inform users what instances are blocked or why, and how many of them are just admins getting drunk on power.

But really the worst part about being an admin is getting hordes of people who call you a nazi just because you refuse to block <insert any instance that's been politically relevant in the past 30 minutes>.
@espectalll Luckily, when you're a pleroma admin, you often avoid this hell, because admins the instances that foster these kinds of obnoxious users who tell you how to do your job, just tend to auto-block all pleroma instances on sight because they think pleroma automatically means we're nazis lmao
@quad @espectalll just imagine how much good could be done if mastodon was transparent on blocks so much bullshit could be avoided.
@jeff @espectalll I think they've been trying to add a page to Mastodon which lists blocked instances for ages now.

But they can't get the changes passed because 90% of the comments are these lefties complaining that by displaying blocked instances whatsoever you're "advertising for them"

I dunno about you, but if you make everything so taboo that just mentioning it is illegal, the whole world would go to shit, that's north korea level stuff.

Regardless people have kept that thing back by complaining about how it "advertises" for the instances they block. I dunno if that's still the case though, I very rarely browse mastodon repos

I'm lucky to be on an instance that doesn't block instances as a matter of policy. Naturally accusations of supporting Nazis were hurled directly at #Purism.
@espectalll @jeff

@terryenglish @jeff @espectalll @quad what is this weird antifa tactic that has been spreading among 'liberals' these recent years? Hysterical outcry at allowing 'too much freedom' is so ludicrous to me.

@igeljaeger A lot of the antifa stuff is frighteningly similar to the rhetoric as some of those who hold the banner of Islamic Jihad.

Just watch Deeyah Khan's 2015 documentary "Jihad: A Story of Others" and you'll see what I mean.

@espectalll @jeff @terryenglish @quad

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@djsumdog @terryenglish @jeff @espectalll @igeljaeger I'm not exactly familiar with Jihad. But from what I know about nazis, they seem way too close to that
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