I just finished up a post about the death of mom-and-pop e-commerce stores. Enjoy you Amazon shoppers!


@djsumdog I've been getting away from Amazon recently. I bought something off of eBay recently as opposed to Amazon. I was paying two bucks more, but so what. I get it and the item is in an Amazon box with an Amazon receipt. Made me wonder if the eBayer is also an Amazon seller and made a mistake. Or this guy is selling Amazon stuff on eBay for the arbitrage.


@HiroProtagonist I stopped buying things from Amazon back in 2016, (well until they bought Whole Foods) but I do buy stuff off eBay and a few times I've seen the same thing: it arrived in an Amazon box. I suspect it's either individuals abusing Prime Membership (unlikely) or it's a Merchant that uses the Amazon shipping API to ship out their own store's inventory and use Amazon as storage (not sure if this is allowed under the TOS or cheating). But yea .. it's hard to get away from them.

@djsumdog @HiroProtagonist not to butt in, but perhaps the seller in question might just have a lot of secondhand amazon boxes laying around? think recycling, so to speak. they're decent, kinda thin tho, 32lbs crush test cardboard

t. the shopgoodwill i work at relies on donated boxes, so logically people use amazon boxes to take their donations to their local goodwills

@saga @djsumdog I wondered that too, but it doesn't account for the Amazon receipt that was in the box.

@HiroProtagonist @djsumdog well if it has an amazon receipt the person was either sloppy or they are, as mentioned earlier, abusing an amazon loophole or rule or something

@saga @HiroProtagonist So for "fulfilled by Amazon," if I've read correctly, you ship all your products with SKUs to the warehouse, but things are only grouped by SKUs (so even if you send real product, counterfeits can get grouped with yours .. that's the tradeoff of using them for inventory). I think you can use their API to ship things back out of your inventory (so you use them to rent warehouse space) and people build eBay->AZ bridges. Actually I think my old boss wrote one. I should ask.

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