I debating if I should start playing Overwatch

@HonkeyKong @djsumdog Blizzard pvp gimmicks are fucking trash and make all of their pvp experiences a rage fest. Blizzard has ruined the very notion of crowd control for me in any game ever again.
@Mombi @djsumdog dang I actually never realized this until now. WoW, HotS, Overwatch... even the cc in Diablo 3 is garbage.
@HonkeyKong @Mombi @djsumdog Blizzard hasn't made a good game or expansion for wow in about 15 years. WOTLK is the last good xp (cataclysm was OKAY)

Also if you want to play another Diablo II game play median xl
It's one of the best mods ever mad. It's like a whole new game. It's also based on being pretty difficult (after about the first 100 levels there are a bunch of custom zones and quests)

If you still want to play wow go here and play on private servers

Huge population active PvP and you actually get to play in an expansion that doesn't suck ass.
@BoingoTango @Mombi @djsumdog I liked Torchlight 2 as a Diablo clone. I still fire it up occasionally. Bastion was fun for a while too.
@HonkeyKong @BoingoTango @Mombi @djsumdog I am looking forward to Torchlight 2 coming to switch. If the rumors are true, that is.
@ProfPlum @HonkeyKong @Mombi @djsumdog Eh, torchlight was okay. If you want a good normal diablo clone Path of Exile was better. I still think Median XL is the best though. Especially if you play Single Player with PlugY mod installed so you have infinite stash space along with a shared stash. I also just feel like Median XL has more skill based stuff as opposed to mostly grind-based stuff (not there is any shortage of grinding)
@BoingoTango @HonkeyKong @Mombi @djsumdog I really liked Hob and wanted to see what other games Runic games made. Too bad they are no longer around, though
@ProfPlum @BoingoTango @Mombi @djsumdog seems to be confirmed for a 9/3 release on Switch. That's cool. It might help with their new that should be launching soon.
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