@djsumdog >comes to stay for 3 days
>moves in with a hooker

Absolute madman.
@deadheat @djsumdog And this is why you don't invite a nuclear reactor into your house....
@mangeurdenuage @roka @astheroth @dude

> tip of the fucking iceberg

I can't wait to see the rest of that iceberg. Someone who still uses twitter, please thank her for gentrifying tech on my behalf, I can't wait until the weirdos have nowhere left to go and we're all rounded up.
@p @roka @astheroth @dude
>I can't wait until the weirdos have nowhere left to go and we're all rounded up.
I wonder what happens when treated like dirt weirdos who are used to accumulate knowledge on absolutely anything for playfull cleverness are being pushed against a corner ? https://loadaverage.org/attachment/5700712

@mangeurdenuage @roka @p @dude

stop to mention my smug account y..y

I don't know but this thing is getting worse

Sorry, when I tag people (this was a fast copy/past) I can't specify except if I do this: @astheroth which I'm not used to, I'll try to remember next time.
Well you don't see it but it actually look as such @ astheroth@mstdn.io
@astheroth it is getting worse. I'm picking a hell of a time to go back to school. Heading right into the belly of the beast @mangeurdenuage @roka @p
@p >I can't wait until the weirdos have nowhere left to go and we're all rounded up.
They'll still need someone to keep the machines that they don't understand happy. Personally, I'm all for letting them have the Win10 SaaS future that they deserve. @mangeurdenuage @astheroth @roka
@0 I hope I live to see the day where spaceships replace computers as the autist's natural domain. Seeing something like this play out in space could have some amusing outcomes @astheroth @mangeurdenuage @p @roka
@0 @dude @astheroth @mangeurdenuage @roka You abandon them to that fate, and you lose the economies of scale that allow easy access to open hardware. EFI was never good. You know how many hoops you have to jump through to get a C compiler to happen on OSX? MSFT can push these stupid "Trusted Boot" deals because these people will buy whatever. Look at the state of phones.
@p @astheroth @dude @mangeurdenuage @roka

Unpack that a bit more for me? Specifically the first (scale) and second (EFI) bits?
@0 @astheroth @dude @mangeurdenuage @roka

> (scale)

It may have sounded deeper than it was, I figure this is probably obvious to most people in the thread, but I can make a program for my own use if I want, I cannot make a CPU for my own use. Chips (to say nothing of entire systems) are sufficiently costly to design and fabricate that it's prohibitively expensive to cater to slivers of the market. If 99% of the market wants office software and Minecraft in 4k at 120fps with a VR headset and 1% want a different thing (like an open system or something) then that 1% is going to need a bigger budget to buy your chips or you can only sell to them at a loss.

Phones are below that threshold, so nobody will sell you a really open phone.

Some numbers on just the chips: https://semiengineering.com/how-much-will-that-chip-cost/ . How easy is it to get a RISC-V SoC versus an ARM SoC? Without more people.

> (EFI)

SecureBoot, complexity without benefit, not a lot of flexibility, and the "E" part is a lie (even the "I" part is questionable; they should just call it "F"). The solution was already present, Open Firmware (or OpenBoot if you worked for :sunmicro:) is really nice, really mature, IEEE standard, and there are BSD-licensed open versions. NIH and consumer apathy.
@noyoushutthefuckupdad @dude @0 @astheroth @mangeurdenuage @roka

It's "womxn" now. According to the Urban Dictionary, it is "More intersectional than womyn because it includes trans-women and women of color." UD doesn't include a pronunciation guide, so I pronounce it phonetically.
@dude @0 @astheroth @mangeurdenuage @roka Storing screenshot in order to alway rember next time wen day is dark.
@dude @p
>I'm all for letting them have the Win10 SaaS future that they deserve
Even if I am frustrated by this I don't wish anyone this. It's even maybe that whole datamining infrastructure that may have expanded their behavior to such insane level.
@djsumdog note

If you let someone into your home if you let them in too long you actually can't kick them out and have to go through a formal eviction process.

It's not RMS fault this guy is just dumb.

@zemichi This happened to a friend of mine who has someone in for an AirBNB and she wanted to rent the same place out for a longer month stay. After three weeks she got squatters rights and they had to formally evict and wait for the sheriff's office to send someone so they could get her out and put all her shit on the curb.

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