Is it my imagination or are there are there an abnormal number of pictures of TG in uniform?

It's like she went out of her way to have photos taken when she served.

Who does that?

@chart_map Prescott Bush bread his son to be president. Having him serve in the Air Force was probably part of that. Even back then it was one of the safer branches, although H. W. did have to bail out of his plane, his head head on the tail and almost died, but was picked up by a US submarine.

@djsumdog @chart_map
TG was raised and followed the Hare Krishna
cult. Brainwashed at an early age.
She is a camillian.
IMO : a bitch for the Mullahs.

@SQ She's a Hare Krishna? Oh man I've had their food in three different countries.. their free food is soo good, even though it comes with those glazed eyes and creepy smile. Blind religious devotion does taste delicious. @chart_map @TruthSeeker7077


@SQ Also I wish they still did the flowers at airports. I'm only in my 30s and am too young to have experienced that. I've only seen it in movies .. and the game Leisure Suit Larry II. @chart_map @TruthSeeker7077

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