What is the license for this file?

One thing that bugs me about things on is they don't clearly indicate licenses for use.

@djsumdog they don't have to

IIRC the archive has some special protection

Evidently, this is owned by someone, except it's just so old it cannot really be sold anymore

Probably better to consider this abandonware to use at your personal discretion

@roka @coolboymew being a non-profit they're probably given a bit of leeway .. for websites they just copy and honor take-downs, which is how the DMCA is setup. But for images, I wish they would at least make some effort in indicating a license if there is one.

@djsumdog @roka here's the thing, what license do you expect it to be?
@djsumdog Sorry, that's the launcher.

This is the license for the browser
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