I was worried about the Death Stranding trailers revealing too much of the story ... it seems like almost all of the trailer takes places in the first two hours of the game.

@djsumdog People keep talking about it like it's a movie; what's up with that?

@kick @djsumdog It's a Kojima game so that pretty much means an interactive movie. Always great though. Always lots of cut scenes and high production value.


@Kalvo @kick I'm looking through his list and I don't think I've played any Kojima games .. I haven't tried any of the Metal Gear series (I think I played 30 min of one in an NES emulator).

@djsumdog @kick Oh man you got a lot of missing out going on over there lol. All of the 3D Metal Gear Games are great. You can grab the Dolphin emulator and start with Twin Snakes for a more modern introduction to the first game.

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