so I've been suffering through game of thrones because I'm too far in to not finish it. by season 7 it's just total garbage. there's fucking zombie niggas and dragons in like the middle ages and dukes and it's just too many disparate genres smashed together.

@whiteisright Yea the screenwriters are great at adapting, but once they ran out of source material, they reverted to standard hollywoo bullshit. Part of the blame really is on Martin for not finishing his god damn books. There are some really good moments in season 8, but it's sadly crippled with a terrible story. If they had extended it to the length of a full season and tried to address at least some of the story arcs, it could have been good. I don't think Martin will ever finish the books.

@djsumdog ah, that's the encouragement I needed to finish this damn thing lol.
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