@magicalmilly I'm not sure his god is something anyone should aspire to be. His god literally doesn't exist.

@djsumdog hi. I'm Christian.

I don't believe Prager U has an ounce of credibility. But please don't come into my menchies saying God doesn't exist. Because that's asking for a ban.

@magicalmilly Ban for saying God doesn't exist eh? Sounds like something Jesus would do. I remember that part of the Bible where he cast off everyone who didn't believe in him. It was next to that chapter about how the poor should get jobs and where he only healed those who had a PPO plan.

@djsumdog it sounds just like the part where he said that if they don't respond well, shake your sandles at then and keep on going.

Thank you so much for respecting the fact that I have a different life view than you, as well as my request for you to not insult it.

@djsumdog also, because I just don't want to have someone who is going to be attacking my religion to be popping up in my sight all the time.

I want my online experience to be positive, not stressful.

You don't have a right to be on my page.

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