From the paper everyone's bitching about:

> Since the Mastodon user may be unaware of their data being public and reusable for research purposes we disposed of the information about the users and we fully anonymized them by hashing the Mastodon user identifier.

very heavy handed sarcasm 

very heavy handed sarcasm 

@djsumdog they included the urls of every post tho, which means that the usernames are still there.

@lemememeringue Yea .. this paper is kinda crap. They're not very knowledgeable. They're not doing anything really deep either; they're going purely off self-marked content. There's nothing really insightful here.

I didn't realize that about the URLs. They don't mention in the paper where they publish the artifacts. Someone had this pastbin of just the instance info earlier:

I should probably look at how they anonymized stuff before I say anything else.

@djsumdog wow amazing what do people expect 'public' means anyway

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