Is WebASM the new Java-browser-plugin? I wonder if we'll see WebASM Flash shims or full Flash implementations in an attempt to keep older things (like HomeStarRunner!!!!) alive? Will WebASM become hot, and then get plagued with security issues, and eventually be deprecated and removed from browsers like Java/Flash?

@djsumdog not really, because nobody has the monopoly on WASM runtimes. Flash was doomed to be dependent on the efforts that Macromedia and Adobe would pull to keep it alive, WASM implementations are better integrated into the browsers (and can be improved upon)


EOS uses a slightly modified version of WebAssembly. If your browser app can run in that, it's probably safe. Another interpretation could be that EOS is completely broken and doomed. Also a possibility.

@djsumdog Just the other day I saw a project that's about implementing WebAssembly on bare metal, which would be at least a neat intellectual curiosity.

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