@socjuswiz Why would you do that? It's probably just gonna be some nerds getting together and being nerd-like. They'll probably just talk about games, eat some food, drink some beer (some Denny's have beer) .. just let them be. It's difficult enough when you're awkward and struggle to find a partner. I'd go if I lived near The Valley™ I'd go.

@djsumdog Incels have committed misogynist hate crime (murder of women) before. I believe they're officially categorised as a domestic terrorism threat in the US. Might as well identify as a white supremacist or something. If you see any innocent kids using the term thoughtlessly, it might be a good idea to inform them of these facts.

@socjuswiz Your outlook is really sad and tries to simplify a very complex situation. I really recommend this podcast:


or this very short documentary:


Classifying and hating a group so broadly, without understanding how they came about, make the general problems with loneliness and loss-of-identity even worse than it is now.

@djsumdog I've been lonely my whole life so miss me with that. Still miraculously don't hate women or think they're alien creatures.

@socjuswiz @djsumdog women have commited hate crimes against men too. beter not anyone call themselves a woman unless they wana to be labeled a terrorist
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