How the hell does the mastodon web interface do a remote search? I've setup a hosts file for the streaming, web and sidekiq containers and it's still handing me 503s .. I wonder if it cached the wrong DNS/IP.

What the actual fuck is going on? It's making the webfinger request to peertube, and then nothing else. I can make the request myself from the container. Does Mastodon do it's own DNS lookup deep in the code somewhere, ignoring the hosts file?


@Gargron huh ... interesting. I have mastodon containers and a peertube container running on the same host in a docker network. They can't talk to each other over public IPs because of NATing. Docker supports --add-host (or ExtraHosts in the API) to add /etc/host entries at launch, which I pointed to the internal IP of the load balancer.

I guess I should just get source nating to the public IP working.

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