I'm in the process of migrating a lot of videos to PeerTube. None of these ever really got a lot of views, even back in the day. Some are kinda embarrassing and I should probably just let them be forgotten. This was a very early short doco I did on a local group of hippies:

@djsumdog Plus you seemed to have a problem managing the aspect ratio...

@djsumdog Also this is an example of good activism.

Not statue smashing.

@djsumdog Yea Chattanooga was actually where I based my Sci-fi series on.

@LWFlouisa I think I've been to all three at some point. I use to work near the downtown one. The Calzones are great. 🍕

The Terminal is another favorite restaurant. 🚋

@djsumdog Me and mom like the art store near the university.

Not sure if I can audit classes.

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