I think I'll be clear about this: I am not anti-Mozilla.

(Though putting Pocket in their addressbar rather than an RSS/Atom subscribe button does go against my design principles for encouraging a more decentralized web)

I think they are a positive influence, but they have too much influence to loose to be as radical as they pretend to be.

At the same time we do need a truly radical browser engine to help get us out of the sad software development we're in. I hope to be that!


@alcinnz I think things started to go downhill around the time Brendan Eich was told to go.

It's one of the earliest cases of this modern era of cancel culture; especially when it comes to attributing a specific moralistic opinion as either virtuous or dangerous

@djsumdog @alcinnz Eich wasn't the beginning of the decline, it was already well underway at the time of his forced departure.

@allison @alcinnz oh I didn't mean he was the start, but what was going on in the years leading up to that.

@djsumdog Personally I think the problems broader than Eich, Mozilla, or even the web. As I said I think Mozilla are a positive influence.

But it's appropriate to mention Eich, as I see the beginning of the web's downfall as being JavaScript. Still can't blame Eich because *someone* was going to add *some* programming language to the web, even if it wasn't him.

@alcinnz @djsumdog yeah Eich, Pocket, CORS, telemetry, SSL, Addon signing, secure_delete, experiments.enabled, Mozilla is getting fucked up and thanks to the wealth disparity, rich people are rich enough to make it the only option. I don’t care how much the browser needles Google to make theirs better. I care about the fact that Mozilla is always going to be the best option, and the powers that be are succeeding in making it a terrible option.

@cy @djsumdog Well, the powers that be are more making Chrome (and it's derivatives) the only option, with Apple and Mozilla trying despirately to keep up with the feature bloat so they can remain relevant.

Maybe I can bend the IoT hype to combat this...

@alcinnz @djsumdog IMO the problem is that JavaScript is opt-out. If it was opt-in, like notifications, or webcam sharing, then it'd be used only by sites that actually need it (complex web apps), and not by every random blog/newspaper/etc. And a tremendous number of vulnerabilities would be averted

@djsumdog @alcinnz
If Eich's departure is what made Mozilla go downhill, we can expect Eich's new Brave browser to uphold the principles Mozilla has forgotten, yes?

@mathew @djsumdog From what I've seen so far:

1. About the only thing that makes them unique is some cryptocoin nonsense, which they've been very scammy about. Initially there were decent adblocking defaults, but Firefox & Safari caught up there.
2. They cannot have the same level of influence without their own browser engine (they're a minor variation on Chrome). That's impossible without giving up on JS, which I can't see Eich doing.

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