Oh look, Firefox 79. Maybe it will stop crashing all the time and stop refusing to open websites for no reason. Nope? still broken as fuck? ah well.

@djsumdog I'm using 72 and I haven't encountered any serious problems. Which version(s) are broken after that?

@billblake2018 I should have kept better track. Right around Quantum, Firefox because fucking awesome. No more massive slowdowns, could have hundreds of tabs open and it preformed incredibly well. I moved off of Vivaldi back to FF.

I'm not sure where it happened, but FF slowly started getting worse than it had been pre-quantum. It might be TreeStyleTabs or old plugin crap. I should really delete my profile but I've been avoiding it. I might try that soon.

@djsumdog Sometimes it is just better to throw out all the crud and start over....

@djsumdog It never crashed a single time for me? I’ve even been running nightly recently because it became so stable.

@djsumdog works for me... maybe it's time to close some of those 278 tabs 😁

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