@djsumdog the amount of [flagged] and perfectly normal sentences grayed out is telling
> why no officer, when i said kill facists it was just like a metaphor for some more politically acceptable statement god help me my platform is falling apart i need to walk it back to something defensible :blobcatsadlife:
@djsumdog what the hell even is this thread.

i decided to read it (bad idea) and now people are just arguing back and forth over "no the cops are shit" "no the rioters are shit" and "the rioters were sawing apart a fence" and "oh no cutting down security barriers is peaceful!"

@icedquinn There are a ton of these on Hackernews and you have to catch them super quick because they get moderated to the 2nd/4th page within a few minutes.

It's amazing to see the true diversity within tech peeps on really controversial topics. This type of back-and-fourth would be totally banned on Reddit. Here it's just burred into oblivion.

@djsumdog i mostly stay away from the Portland stuff. too much nonsense going on.
@icedquinn @djsumdog love the detailed discussions about how peaceful it was to burn down houses
@lain @djsumdog if we truly lived in such a nazi state they have in their heads, CNN et all would have been burned down for sedition years ago.


It's the same leftist circlejerks who refuse to believe anything that goes against the narrative they have been taught by communists and fools.

"Well I beg to differ, blah blah blah."

Some people need to live in the ghettos they idealize for a couple of months. They'd learn more about human nature then the vast amount they think they know now.


I used to love HN, then something changed.

More people supporting the H1B immigrant programmers and all the corruption and lies around it. Less of the old hands who had been part of the industry since it's inception. Who were now being denied jobs in clever ways to allow for the hiring of cheaper visa slaves.

Smug, boring, shitbags burning money and doing noting with it. Fucking Groupon.

Legitimate business models destroyed by the VC's unslakable thirst.

/classic RIP

@mrbungle @djsumdog

Some players, when they get to 8 or 9 figures, treat it as a game as to how much destruction they can cause.

@bbhack @djsumdog

That's kind of messed up.

Why couldn't they just do something normal like replace their meat body with silicone and silicon like Mark Zukerberg did?

@mrbungle @djsumdog

None of us will know until we get to 8 or 9 figures of net worth.

@bbhack @djsumdog

I can assure you I'm not trying hard enough to attain that goal.

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