Can someone please confirm, is everyone actually wearing a face towel now, or is this just a bad trip?

@Cosmic only when I engage in commerce outside the home…which is rarely.

While I was on a run recently, some dude made noise about me not wearing a mask. I just ran by him.


@PhoneBoy @Cosmic I have yet to wear one. I just drove to Indiana for groceries until they mandated them too. Then I went back to online drive-up/pick-up orders. It sucks not being able to just walk into a store and buy something, but if Truman could airlift everything in and out of Berlin for nearly two years, ordering things online is really not that big an inconvenience.

It means more fuel and plastic waste, but I don't really give a shit. Fuck this mass hysteric, non-scientific bullshit.

@djsumdog @PhoneBoy I wear one. The risk of getting knifed five miles from Chaz is already high enough as is

@djsumdog @PhoneBoy Yep, been around that area many times, though been avoiding it since the window breaking started.

@Cosmic @PhoneBoy I always wondered why CHAZ didn't try to make its way up to and annex Volunteer Park. They could have ripped the grating off the water tower and had a better vantage area. Oh wait I forgot, they were fucked morons. I guess be glad you're not Portland? :blobcatfearful: 😅

What's the general feeling there? I'm surprised how many of my Seattle friends are downplaying things. One of my besties told me she's been wanting a civil war for years (she's in Belltown) and supports antifa

@djsumdog @PhoneBoy The large crowds have stayed pretty consistently to: Cal Anderson Park, Westlake Park, the federal courthouse, city hall, and paths in between.

Pretty much every window in core downtown (three/four block radius around Westlake park) is boarded up.

Businesses nonetheless are open and operating outside the primary tourist areas (eg Pike’s Place). Amazon subsidized them in SLU and they compensate with delivery.

(.... Continued ....)

@djsumdog @PhoneBoy (... continued...(

Mask compliance went from 60% to 90% in downtown; 30% to 80% in further out neighborhoods on pretty much the exact day that Inslee’s mask mandate went into effect. Conclusion: very large number of people just don’t want any trouble.

Streets were very empty in the early days of the lockdown. They are not busy presently but also not empty. People move about. Few visible signs of stress but more crazy people in streets (... continued...)

@djsumdog @PhoneBoy (... continued...)

The protestors are very easy to miss. Only signs of the protests outside core areas are boarded up windows, occasional sign carriers, messages carved on chalk, many of which tread the line between liberal talking point and show material (one in Greenlake reads simply: “ABU GRAIB”).

@Cosmic @PhoneBoy I remember that Whole Foods, down near South Lake Union.

@Cosmic @PhoneBoy Glad things aren't as bad as Portland, but sucks there's unrest there. Thanks for the perspective. Hope things start turning around. Stay safe. ☔

As someone who lives about an hour away in Gig Harbor, I have zero reason/desire to be anywhere near downtown Seattle, especially given the level of stupid has remained high.

@djsumdog @Cosmic

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