@Meeper nah this is in the lot next door to the one i was looking at. the whole area has a lot of limestone

@meowski @Meeper I've been thinking about that lately too. I've never owned a home or flat before, and I even work for a home loan company. I kinda want to get out of the city...

@djsumdog @Meeper i'm doing this without going into debt. utmost importance for me not to take on any debt

@meowski @Meeper You gonna do tiny house? I dated this girl in NZ who lived "off the grid." She rented this tiny place without power for nothing, but she drove 40 min into the city every morning for work, in a small 4x4. I got to drive it one morning; it was fun; long 2k, dirt trail to the paved road .. but it wasn't that far outside of the city and she was burning a ton of gas .. she smelled like burnt firewood ... and she didn't shave .. anything.


She makes tons of greenhouse gases.

And got no medical support if any accident happened.

@Meeper @djsumdog
@djsumdog @Meeper @snow i dont mind hairy legs and armpits as long as they trim their bush.
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