I'm now running Alpine Linux on my laptop, with full disk encryption. I wrote a guide:

@djsumdog nice! I played around with alpine on a laptop a few months ago and it was quite good.

@yala So far it seems to be working quite well. I'm also giving Sway/Wayland another shot. It has support for networkmanager too, which I prefer for Wi-Fi setup. It's got a decent amount of community packages, so there are definitely a good amount of Alpine/Linux desktop users out there.

@djsumdog Thanks for the details. Sway sounds experimental enough for a start ^^ Didn't know Alpine had found its way to the desktop, but with a complete set of packages, heck, why not (:

Would you mind to elaborate why you chose alpine in the first place?
Was it just for curiosity or for a certain use case?
Kudos for this blog post though, I really enjoyed it! 😇👍

@lazalatin Thanks for reading! My main boxes have always run Gentoo and my router/server run Void. I just wanted to try something else and I have experience with Alpine from a lot of the docker work I do. I put it on this new file server first:

@djsumdog I saw a nerve request for this for the installer a few months back. The installer should be able to do this soon™.
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