I'm still using Gimp .. are there better Linux tools out there?

@noah image editing; memes. Not photodesk stuff .. use Darktable or Rawtherapy for that on Linux, or Lightroom on Winblows

@djsumdog not that i know of then. i used to use one of the paint clones quite frequently, but i forget which one now
@djsumdog krita is nice but I'm used to GIMP and krita has no green pepper.

>GIMP The parallels between what GIMP can do and what I really really wish I could do in minetest are overwhelming.

E.g. be able to have “layers” of a build to make visible and invisible at will, or to be able to shift a “cutout” of a layer with an alpha channel (like a building) to different places on a landscape without altering the landscape.

@Ballerina @djsumdog @crunklord420


@search_social @crunklord420 @Ballerina Yea, Gimp is alright for simple stuff; adding text and cropping and such. But for anything complex I keep jumping back over to Windows and Photoshop. Complex layering, masking, pathing, etc.

@djsumdog I started with Photoshop 2.0 (showing my age now) and now that I no longer bring home a paycheck, I’m forced to use open source. Gimp works - it’s just cumbersome for me.

@Ballerina I started off with Photoshop 3.0 in high school 😅

@djsumdog @Ballerina If memes have taught me anything the best artists started with mspaint and stayed there. Run that shit in wine, y0.

@djsumdog Gimp is probably it for Linux unless u want to try to run photoshop through wine.

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