@Pops It only shows she's a dumb stupid bitch on multiple levels. You should forward that letter to all the stores antifa burned down in Portland or all the shops BLM protestors looted in Chicago.

@djsumdog "the alt right has murdered people, but won't somebody do something about the property damage at protests?!"

@unlofl Who has the alt-right murdered? Dozes are dead after the protest in Chicago back in May in the bloodiest weeks. IT'S NOT JUST FUCKING PROPERTY! Insurance doesn't cover looting you dumb fuck. A Korean clothing store owner had $300k looted in Chicago. He can never reopen. A 7/11 in River North used his entire savings to restock his store and it got looted again. He's declared bankruptcy. Everyone who worked for him is out of work. Areas do not recover from riots.

@unlofl More people have been killed in gang violence after these riots than any mythical "White Supremacists" murders you're going on about.

@djsumdog you know the civil rights movement in the 60s was unpopular at the time, and criticized for being violent and unproductively destroying their own communities?

@unlofl You know Martin Luther King condemned the riots and lead his people, millions of them, to march in peace and love, right?

@unlofl The civil rights activists of the King area were noble men and women who stood with pride. They fought against the fucking dick-shits like the Black Panthers, who did nothing good for America. Furthermore, America stood AGAINST the terrorists, The Students for Democratic Society, The Weather Underground, The Earth Liberation Front. Those groups bombed buildings and committed terrorist acts for years. Most were put in jail for years or decades.

The 1960s were not a time of honor.

@unlofl Like these guys who destroyed a restaurant in a Maoist style struggle session?

or this woman who says "looting is reparations?"

Here is an actual Black leader in a Black community condemning BLMer in Chicago who are making things here worse:

Also this dumb bitch who doesn't know what racism is?

No no, the majority of BLM wants a Marxist revolution. They are violent. They are dangerous.

@djsumdog @unlofl "looting is reparations" give that woman a nobel prize, please

@unlofl Um... wait, are you denying they are? They are openly marxist. Are are you saying an ideology that sent millions to die in Russian slave labour camps as a good thing?

Even fucking Lord Jamar hates Black Lives Matter!

@unlofl @djsumdog PROOFS OR YOU'RE FULL OF SHIT I have seen more riot apologists even among normies than ever before
@djsumdog @unlofl Ask people to name those who kill for the """"alt-right"""" and you'll find their list shorter than the acts of violence and intolerance from the left.
@djsumdog @unlofl You'll also find they tend to only name fbi assets/patsies
@djsumdog @unlofl In the name of equality, white supremacists need to step up to the plate and increase their numbers to match.
> Everyone who worked for him is out of work. Areas do not recover from riots
Then they turn around and blame white people because their neighborhoods are complete shit.

Some BLM and antifa people might condemn the riots, but Trump condemns "white supremacists" over and over and clowns like you still call him racist and instigating white surpemacy. Whatever the hell that is.
@djsumdog @unlofl

@djsumdog I don't think antifa burned down stores in Portland or anywhere else. Antifa people prevent fascists from having a voice, and that's all they do. They don't burn down stores; they're too busy fighting neo-Nazis. Let's not call someone a "dumb stupid bitch" when your ignorance is on display for all to see!

@kete @djsumdog This whole post is gaslighting, full of outright lies, fuck you you shiteating faggot

> BLM/Antifa Thugs Attack Trump Supporters, Including Children, After D.C. "Million MAGA March"
> 11/14/2020
> some footage is very disturbing and depicts a little girl being assaulted.
> All out violence did not occur until people began dispersing. Some footage depicts a man physically assaulted, resulted in a head wound.
> Other footage shows a young Trump supporter fleeing for safety as he is stalked by Antifa. He eventually sees police and yells for help.
> The most disturbing piece of footage depicts a family being attacked by Antifa. A mother is seen attempting to flee the area with her small daughter. He daughter is eventually thrown to the ground in the middle of a fight.
> More footage depicts Antifa stomping on a mans head.
> Some footage shows people crying in fear as they are pursued by the militants.

Please tell me how you justify this, both you and @unlofl need to reply to this and explain to me how you're so goddamn worthless that you ignore reality and gaslight people
@kete @djsumdog @unlofl you both can't name any violence from the right, you both deny the marxist underpinnnings of BLM/Antifa, you both ignore the mountains of violence from the left to focus on literally no one, what other mental gymnastics will we see this time and who will take on the gold?

can @kete and @unlofl please tell me how this doesn't prove you wrong, please I need a good laugh, I know what you'll do, I just wanna see it

feeding the trolls 

@coyote @djsumdog @unlofl I didn't know you wanted me to name violence from the right. You really need someone to name that for you? I'm sure that would be easy to research. Just the other day, I read an Idavox article about the neo-Nazi who called the Million MAGA march, and he had been very violent ever since high school.

I didn't deny Marxist underpinnnings of BLM/Antifa, but they're not about Marx at all. They just want to live without cops taking their lives for being black.

I don't even know what leftist mountains of violence you refer to and how I'm focusing on no one or what that even means. You're the one doing mental gymnastics but not even getting a bronze.

@coyote @djsumdog @unlofl PS – just found one violence from 3 Trumpists, violence that y'all edit out to claim antifa is violent for no reason:

BTW, don't bother sharing any links with me ... 'cause I don't do that Cloudflare shit.

@kete @djsumdog @unlofl I mean really, if you're gonna ignore the receipts just to try and make your own argument with receipts do you really expect me to take you seriously? Here's large groups of dozens of antifa, attacking blacks, the elderly, and children. That kinda trumps your claims.
@kete @djsumdog @unlofl I mean three "Trumpists" getting sick of the eggs, fireworks, and violence doesn't surprise me at all and those antifa goons had it coming. You literally can't point to three people and screech "SYSTEMIC RACISM! MUH HUWHITE SUPREMACY!" and not look like a fucking clown
@kete @djsumdog don't bother linking Guardian to me, cuz I don't do that propaganfa shit, nice handwaving, strawmen, and NO U.

The left, antifa, BLM are more violent than you wanna admit, just kill yourself
@kete @djsumdog You don't have to pretend that antifa showing up to harass and assault Trump supporters is justified when Trump supporters fight back
@amerika @kete @djsumdog Nope. And Nazis today are apparently Trump supporters, so we "Nazis" really have nothing in common with the third Reich
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