I knew I'd get deplatformed eventually, I just didn't think it would be from Hacker News

They are bastards. They use abusive system of socialist downvotes so they can punish you for your opinion. You will be better off.

@Viking There were some heated discussions last month on some of the more controversial threads. I don't think I ever broke any of the rules. I was just sick of being nice. Big tech is corrurpt and YCombinator today is less of a startup incubator and more of a cult.

@djsumdog @Viking but something something private company - big tech bootlickers
@djsumdog @Viking I mean, Locklin got outright canned not so long ago, so your content getting shadowbanned doesn't surprise me at all.
@djsumdog @Viking Scott Locklin, infamous array language advocate and... something of an inflammatory commentator, to put it mildly.

@allison @Viking huh, interesting. I hadn't heard of him. It's also interesting his latest blogpost is on RNA and memory, which I was just discussing with @icedquinn in another thread!

@djsumdog @allison @Viking @icedquinn this is not an incorrect description of HackerNews. It's mostly soydevs who worship FAGMAN.
@crunklord420 @djsumdog @Viking @allison @icedquinn I literally had to mail them to ask them to delete account and "best they could do" is to randomize my handle
@djsumdog got any reccs for alternatives? What RSS feeds do you look at?
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