I keep forgetting I have this instance. I like the UI but the non-configurable character limit sucks.

@djsumdog You could also switch to glitch-soc. Changing the character limit is as simple as changing settings in a file and compiling. You can ask @splitshockvirus if you need any help.

@james @splitshockvirus I just run the official mastodon container right now. Can glitch be used as a drop-in for those? .. might take a look. I kinda like my Pleroma/Soapbox instance better though.

@djsumdog @james

Replacing containers?

No idea how to do that since I only run docker as a last resort. However if it was a standard installation, or you know how to change the recipe file or yaml (whatever it's called), you can just change the git pull address to glitch-soc repo and recompile your assets, then you migrate the database. In that sense it's a drop in replacement.

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