huh, this rip has it's French track in Dolby and the English track in DTS. I wonder if it was on the disc that way, or if they went to the trouble re-encoding one of the audio tracks for some reason.

Well, guess it's time to shut down and move everything to this crowd funded Ghost case that finally arrive six months after the expected delivery date

Submitted my first patch/PR for Mastodon, finally adding volume control to videos so they don't blare in your face when you play them.

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It's up! Do you run an instance and want to customize your colors, but have no idea where to start? I've just finished a tutorial on how I created the following theme for my own instance.

If you're an instance admin that uses custom CSS, please go to the linked discourse forum post. Post your own CSS, tell me what I missed or what I could have done cleaner.

Everything that was once satire, in now reality.

(photo: America The Book, John Stewart, 2004)

Question for people, coming from Scala/functional programming, I find I often have to do things like the following in order to remove nil/empty parts of this dict. Is there an idiomatic Ruby way to avoid all those `.reject{ |k,v| v.nil? }` statements and having to `.inject(:merge)`?

It was on "creating .mix.rebar" for over 30 minutes. This builds fast on my local; not sure what's up with my VM ... maybe I should just push my local images to the remote cache. I really wish Plemore had official Docker images.

I really glad I waited for Teen Titans Go to the Movies to come out on streaming and then pirate it. It's a terrible film so far and I would have felt bad paying actual money to see it in a cinema.

Well hello there, old open source project. I'm sorry I neglected you.

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