I've been going through old episodes of Boston Legal. I'm convinced William Shatner doesn't know he's really on a show. They just told him he was a lawyer and filmed him.

I then started to wonder if he's still doing things. Is it still alive? Leonard Nimoy was the one who died right?

I looked him on on IMDB. This movie is in post production to be released in 2019. ...... I have to see this.

So, apparently there's a collectors market for "Star Notes," or US notes that were replacements for bad prints and have a star in their serial number.

Still .. if you pay $120 for a $100 bill on eBay .. you are an idiot.

So how does this happen? The full thread is still visible on the remote instance. I assume the remote user either muted or blocked me, and that users' post gets deleted from my instance, but my post is still visible on theirs.

Mastodon's behavior confuses me greatly.

Finally got these working again .. though I had already fixed some of this, but apparently I lost those changes.

I'm ripping all my old MS-DOS/Win95 games before I put the CDs on eBay.

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