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'@kde Connect has been removed from #GooglePlay for violating their new policy on apps that access SMS [1]. The policy has an explicit exception for companion apps (like KDE Connect), but it was removed anyway and *there's no way to talk to #Google*'

Just another example of how corps are willing to throw their weight around when it comes to avoiding taxes etc. yet are unwilling to put their weight behind any sort of customer service that would actually help people.

@orekix eh, I just didn't really want to talk to her again after that ... the usb stick was dead to me.

There was this girl I dated last year for like a month. We had sex once and then a few days of text later she said she had gotten serious with someone else. ... I left a 128GB usb stick at her house and forgot it plugged in to her TV. Finally replaced it today ... these things are stupid cheap now.

@AdamAtSea I played/beat it last year. It's fun. It felt a little tedious towards the middle. The boss fights can get rough, but the last few missions make the whole game worth it. Plus it's just fucking ridiculous and hilarious.

@sungo Cloud router?! ... CLOUD ROUTER SWITCH?! .. 😡 it's not in the "cloud" (a.k.a somebody else's data center). It can't be a switch and a router! .. I mean .. I guess all routers with more than 1 port technically have a switch attached to them ... I hate marketing

@ajroach42 That is a crisp display. Are those old-school mechanical keys?

So, apparently there's a collectors market for "Star Notes," or US notes that were replacements for bad prints and have a star in their serial number.

Still .. if you pay $120 for a $100 bill on eBay .. you are an idiot.

@GinnyMcQueen and who decides what that is? The trouble with a Code of Conduct is that is can be used (and has been used) to attack contributors who have unpopular political opinions completely outside the scope of the project. Project have a hard time getting contributions to start with. If you don't like people on the project, no one is forcing you to contribute, or use a particular open source package.

@thor This is totally false and one of those awful urban legends. People did call the police. There are several recorded calls. The original NY Times article has been discredited and the information disseminated to international papers and news outlets was completely wrong.

@pea One of the things I'm looking forward to about moving out (currently have a roommate)

@orekix @11112011 @jack @LoneDissenter Well the United States gun industry has been arming Hispanics for decades. It's necessary for all the oil that's extracted through foreign aid/regime change, and all the cocaine the CIA smuggles in:

@11112011 @jack@freespeechextremist.comI don't agree with it being censored, but that's really fucked up @LoneDissenter. People fucking died. People you somehow hate without even knowing. People who you might get along with it you met them and played a board game with.

There is no excuse for this type of violence. There was so self defense here, only anger, fear and hate.

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