I started the day with a sugar free Monster, but I'm almost through it and still falling asleep. I'm going to get some , but I'm afraid no amount of caffeine may be able to keep me awake today.

@wilkie Tests are the best defense against dependency rot.

More often I'm surprised with, "Wow .. that only took like three changes.."

@ilovecomputers That's fair. I should try out some of the language servers for other languages and see how they stack up.

@essie He's a little tree cum dumpster 🌳 πŸ₯’ πŸ—‘οΈ

@Ricardus Yesterday I learned that these types of mistakes are usually caught by a "Script Supervisor." They watch for continuity errors. There was a coffee cup in the 2nd to last episode πŸ˜‹

@ilovecomputers I tried the Python language server for Atom and, it was okay, but still didn't have the functionality of a dedicated IDE like PyCharm when it came to things like code completion.

@Christian Are you using the git-bash shell it comes with? The only really tricky issues are the permissions. Those get a bit annoying, but newer versions of git let you commit the right *nix permissions from the command line.

"The Revolution will not be televised
The revolution will be live!"

@Ricardus @thj If you boil everything down to Trump, yes he's a buffoon. But I think there's more to this. I think Apple/Samsung US and even other Chinese telocos might be lobbying for this to dig in to Huawei's market share. There's gotta be some backroom deals for these policy changes. Even the Trump administration wants to get something in exchange for policy. By yelling 'Tump' you can miss the complexity and possibly even the deeper players that just use his buffoonery as a smoke screen.

@ned @thj Um...yea..I meant to type that...totally not a type-o πŸ˜…

oh and yea, I forgot that Norway isn't in the EU πŸ˜‹ It's in the Schengen zone though (and the economic zone I think?)

@SamanthaCayne Netdata! I started a project for a custom dashboard a while back and it fell by the wayside. I wish there was better tooling to auto-generate dashboard HTML pages, or at least better docs. If I ever get my to where I want, I'll make a blog post on it.

@thj Isn't I don't think it's arbitrary. Huawei is now the 3rd largest mobile smart phone manufacturer in the world (behind Apple and Samsung). That's a threat, and I wouldn't be surprised Apple or even Samsung's US arm have lobbyist pushing for these bizarre policy changes. It has less to do with "China" and more to do with corporate market threats.

@thj Norway can get away with that, because of its EU backing and the fact that Americans would probably not be for outright war with an EU nation. However countries like Iraq, Libya, Horrendous, Columbia, etc. not so lucky. The US causes regime change, install dictators, arranges for non-US friendly heads of states to die in plane crashes, etc. Aid is given to governments that play ball (foreign aid keeps dictators in power for resource extraction and does little to nothing for the people)

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