> “It’s going to allow you to see some things that you’ve never seen before. You’re going to experience some things you’ve never experienced before.”

I mean ... have you seen truck stop hookers? ... you can't unsee that!!

@Therealdcgirl Seems like the stream is back .. he's talking about David Icke reptilian stuff is that what killed the stream originally?

@abloo oh wow. I haven't played FTL in years. It's valuable to leave the entire ship in vacuum until you need to move things; helps put out fires.

That game is insanely hard.

@icedquinn Yes. I think /usr/bin/[ is used if you use sh instead of bash.


@futuroprossimo What do you want to bet the cleaner is petroleum based?

@mushroom_soup I had to look it up, because I thought there was no way this could possibly be a real article ... but no ..t's real .. and I use the term "real" loosely because it was originally written in The Sun .. which .. really shouldn't be considered news .. or writing

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if i found projects i could immerse myself in for the long term, i’d think less about my life and just focus on those projects.

it doesn’t work for me. i lose interest in them all too quickly, so why even start them?

Federal judge for the Northern District of New York issued a preliminary injunction for COIVID-19 vaccine mandates on the basis that it conflicts with workers' religious rights and First Amendment grounds.

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@Chronomemes She was more angry than sad .. but I guess that's just sadness directed outward

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re: First world problems 

@domodak I've noticed the throttling recently. I mostly just use youtube-dl to archive (I use to use to download, then watch) and use an Invidious instance for watching videos. I didn't realize it was no longer getting updates; moving to a different project.

@nosleep the guys look like they're wearing literal panties over their faces. and they're outside! .. fucking pussies

@chjara I'm sure this is a great idea and nothing could possibly go wrong.

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