@BlueDouche violence isn't violence .. only silence is violence

@james @splitshockvirus I just run the official mastodon container right now. Can glitch be used as a drop-in for those? .. might take a look. I kinda like my Pleroma/Soapbox instance better though.

@SirCandinavian I wonder it will fix the problem that lead to the Florida man being burned alive in his Model S

@Alex_Linder Where is this from? The only thing I can find on ecdysterone is that it's used as a body building supplement

@JorgenBlorgen Because Colorado is the only state that will maintain its borders after the collapse.

@fluffy We don't really know what most people on here look like.

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@mystik Saddam probably cared more about his people than Zelensky

@shebang @fugger That e-mail just has such a .. weird format. Why track almost a year since pre-orders?

@r000t Well, I'd say @sjw obviously, but he's not from Maine.

@DotardTed @ninjza33 True, so that makes Russia about equal to George W Bush in Iraq. I should clarify, the West has no moral high ground.

The other issue is, NATO is a threat. That should be clear and obvious, but doesn't seem to be. NATO has been pushing membership. It's not a defensive pact, no matter how much the West wants to pretend it is.

Then there are the "bioresearch" labs in Ukraine ..which are immoral in and of themselves.

The whole thing is a clusterfuck, but a regional one.

@redwhitebluedude There was an interview on the Babylon Bee podcast where a journalist had tried to find out where the entire "Don't Say Gay" thing came from. It started with Planned Parenthood ... and they're shifting their focus in a lot of areas into HRT drugs for teenagers. That's going to be their new business model when abortions are out.

@shebang I would if I could, but I have no fancy VR headset.

@redwhitebluedude Did we all get stuck in the retard reality the last time the Large Hadron Collider was used? How do we get back to the other timeline?

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