Who Is the Secret Owner of PornHub? 

@stux nah, I already tried a few Invidious servers. Google started blocking those with age restrictions as well. Youtube-dl does not work either. 🤷

Guess it wasn't worth watching.

@emojidna huh .. that emoji is very similar to the logo for a very old app I wrote: rearviewmirror.cc/

Who Is the Secret Owner of PornHub? 

@stux That video can only be viewed when logged in to Google.

@tost I need to try Hollow Knight again. I couldn't get into it at first .. the controls and his movements felt .... weird

@fluffy I'm surprised that trailer alone didn't cause the game to be pulled

@redwhitebluedude All the judge did was block new applicants. They can't take away anyone's current DACA status, because DACA granted an equitable entitlement. via executive order.

It's a good thing the judge struck this down. These types of entitlements should only come through legislation.

@thor You ever read about, or watched videos of, the Stanley Milgram experiments?

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@JM I've never bought a house before. I'm waiting for the market to collapse so I can buy one in my home town.

@Nicotiana There are a lot of men against gender ideology. It's not men against women, it's an ideology grown out of various LGBT(Q-WTF) movements that wants to turn a metaphysical academic concept into a hard-line scientific part of our reality.

@Stellar @laggard I use to wear this to work and switch it to the low one half way through the day.

@Jessica I would let Lauren Philips do whatever the hell she wanted to me

@mrman I don't like her. She seems nice, but I think she's more evil than John Key.

Kiwis don't have freedom of speech and even American Kiwis I knew accepted and praised the government for banning the Chch shooting video (it's illegal to possess there).

In light of this, I'm really glad I didn't stay there. It's only 4 million people, and the government is like the remains of a failed socialist experiment.

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