@unti1x @piggo @aetios 100°F was suppose to be average human body temperature, but accuracy increases with time and he was off by ~1.4 degrees. 37°C is a whole number by pure chance.

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@Terry huh ... I never though about that ... defunding the police is great for federal authoritarians

@Ricotta @seanking Chick-fil-a choose to pay their workers more. UPS workers choose to unionize and they had it better over FexEx for years (FedEx who just advertises how great it is to work for them when it's not really).

The different is choice vs federal minimum across all markets.

Counter-intuitively, High unemployment is actually good for workers (workers might have some degree of job choice). Low unemployment is good for businesses (smaller pool; can get people for lower wages)

@Terry They can until the Federal Police get sent in like they did in Portland. No one likes to talk about how those "peaceful protestors" who attacked the federal police were rounded up and taken down like the hipster dumbshits they were.

@seanking This cartoon was inaccurate because that particular wage hike only affected Federal workers (most make over $15 anyway ... I worked for the federal gov as an internal in 2007 and made $14.50), but the point is valid: similar attempts to adjust minimum wage laws would crush smaller businesses and give more power and wealth to the big box retailers and chains.

> rather a sign the company's not paying enough for the job

Most places try to pay above minimum and a lot of what people consider "corporate" are franchise owners who get fucked over by their franchises (look at the recent McDonalds/Ice Cream craziness). Even when stores are making money, they're also saving up for hard times. A lot of places need workers now, but they're also in the red; so they can't just up their wages.

@seanking UBI is a terrible idea. Until we actually solve resource scarcity, it's just going to encourage people to not work and a lot of people won't produce their own stuff either. It will be less like Star Trek and more like The Expanse. I think we've seen that currently. There are tons of unskilled jobs and no one wants to take any of them so long as unemployment keeps coming in.

@admin As far as I can tell, the /desk site doesn't even have a fucking RSS feed. It's more useless than a blog.

@vaartis I've noticed the startup time for Firefox on my Windows box has gone into the trash lately.

@Moon @coolboymew I have one of those! With the firewire port? It literally sits on my desk and does nothing. It can only do 4k over DisplayPort and not HDMI.

@striker @TransGal4872 Why reject 10minutepleroma.com? That's Alex's hosting platform. That's like blocking everyone who uses masto.host.

@quad maybe the HP designers had a pull-out-drawer fetish 😅

@Chrisleon27 In comparing it's 2nd largest city to America's largest city.

Also this article uses the term Gotham to refer to New York. Everyone knows Gotham is Chicago.


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