@kravietz @boud I do agree we should have way more nuclear power and the environmental impact is much lower compared to the land that has to be cleared for wind or solar, but there is still a significant impact that can't be ignored. Not to mention the tritium leaks TVA has tried to cover up at their breeder reactor at Wattsbar.

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As dobbs.town, the Mastodobbs of the Church of the SubGenius, approaches its Dec. 2018 anniversary, I am again considering a Mute / Block Jubilee.

Around the 1st anniversary I unmuted and unblocked everyone for my account. As predicted, many had stopped posting anyway. Some still did, and either I or they had grown less contentious over time so the mute / block wasn't needed. And the few that remained a bother, well, back to mute / block they went.

It's about content, not 'sins.'

Consider it.

@kravietz @boud There isn't a lot of waste and the fuel is incredibly dense, but there is a massive environmental impact in mining fissile material. Massive amounts of raw yellow cake ore has to be refined in centrifuges. It's often mined in places like Australia and then gets transported in full to refinement facilities in the destination country. There is also an environmental impact mining uranium ore. The Yucca Mountain facility isn't even operational yet and there have been leaks in NV.

@Bunniesmommy No one in that class ever goes to prison. Bush never went away for War Crimes. Hillary will never go to jail. Hunter will never be held accountable. Nixson was sadly right when he said, "When the president does it, it's not illegal"

@m00se If she's basing a ton of her sales of FB ads, that's part of the problem. She hopefully has diversified ad presence in other places, a mailing list, etc.

@solexid One of those is food, and it changes depending on if you're a cat or human.

@takao Ja, 1 hour a day on each, lots of numbers to dial, shareware, nightowl, FIDO, Trade Wars, Baron Realms ... there are telnet BBSes today, but they're not really the same.

@bylcameron all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of god. Repent and wear this talisman over your face. It will keep you from spreading your sins.

@takao A lot of those games had really silly puzzles you couldn't beat without a hint book. Sierra adventure games were kinda a scam.

@judgedread Imagine a world with the previous system ... President Trump and VP Clinton.

@Jessica It has a very Earth/"Always Has Been" meme vibe ... also it's crazy that 8-bit guy was in a cancel controversy over a gun video from nearly a decade ago.

@HectorHeathcote @AZBeto I get the feeling anyone who's still talking about this Frankfurt raid or the "block-chain watermarks" is caught up in a disinfo campaign.

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