@tk @awl @slowfallinward @pla @lizzubee I got my first bicycle with drop handlebars last year; Craigslist find carbon compost bicycle. Up until then I've always had flat bars (well riser bars technically). It took some getting use to, especially with a bike that light. It's night and day for long hauls though.

@thebitchisback He's pretty much a puppet ... I would say a Muppet but I have too much respect for Kermit.

@nik All my current stuff is in Foundation5, but I've slowly been working on CSS Grid replacement layouts. I know a lot of people use flexbox with grid, but I haven't needed to yet. It'd be nice to be able to drop all my Foundation scss.

@Mainebot 2018-19 .. like a full two decades past when anyone should be using the word `cyber` for anything.

the south, the north, US, personal / not bad just a story 

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@alcinnz movies? eh .. I still buy closed source games on my windows box. I'm fine with that.

Hardware drivers: this is the big one. Back in the 90s, the only software defined stuff were PCI Win modems. People got those working back then, but as the years went on, more binary blobs just became okay and the norm. The Linux kernel not having a stable ABI doesn't help either.

@alcinnz I use to run uMatrix and try to only enable Javascript when needed, but uMatrix slowed my browser to a crawl on both Vivaldi and Firefox (ironic, since less Javascript should speed things up. I can only suspect a lot of async scrips just kept spinning and timing out on blocked resources).

Too many friends on FB Messenger; many international who I can't just text.

I have an old Nexus tablet I need to finish putting postmarketos/KDE Plasma on. Librem 5 on order if they ever release.

I got sick of all the garbage metrics out there and graphs just designed to make people panic. Here's the alpha version of my graphs. I've only got a few, but I'm building it out and expanding. Pull requests welcome:


@nik oh thought that thing muted notification sounds. .. I really should just right a patch and submit it. I haven't hacked on masto in a while.

@se7en @JohnRivers That has nothing to do with it being airborne. SARS-Cov-2 main transmission seems to be respiratory and surfaces.

Also there is so much conflicting data over the surfaces it's impossible to tell what's true. News tends to sensationalize scientific studies. Even if RNA can be found after days, that doesn't mean the virus still has a lipid coat or is viable to infect anything.

@nik Is that a mute button? I wish masto-fe had a mute button.

@rice Games of Thrones ruin it for you? There is a lot of good older HBO stuff. I really liked Rome from the early 2000s: 3 seasons and total a complete story. I liked Carnival too but it only had two seasons and they never finished it.

@JohnRivers They are very different. airborne is a very specific term when it comes to infectious diseases. It means the virus or bacteria can survive in the air for several hours or more (measles is a good example). Most viruses (SARS-cov-2 as well) need to be in a host to survive.

SARS-CoV-2 is a respiratory virus, because you have to be in close proximity to someone while they are coughing, sneezing or breathing to get it without physical/surface contact.

@rice I saw episode 1 ... season 3 is VERY different .. almost feels like a reboot or re-imagining. I'm not sure if I really like it .. I watched the alt+shift+x video on it and it really kinda helped me understand a bit more of what was going on since I've only seen the other two seasons once (and it's been a while). I might keep watching it, but I really hope it ends at season 3. I fear this could just get worse if they draw it out.

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