@allison I remember when I was younger and I loved native 1024x768 and my dad always preferred a lower resolution or a larger font. I wanted as much stuff on the screen as once and never understood him.

I still don't need glasses .... but I do understand. I still don't scale things up that much, but small text does bother me now.

@natecull and it doesn't even have Translation Lookahead Buffers in there, or the SLAB/SLUB

@thedaemon That's an awesome logo. When I get my new office setup ready, I'm probably going to put FreeBSD or OpenBSD on my NUC

I should probably shower before bed ... feels like work.

@ChicagoScott I ventured out onto my balcony earlier. I'm on the 18th floor. It was a mistake.

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@pasture and they're using Mailchimp, a known compromised provider.

I feel like these people don't do any research first.

@liaizon A device like this plus a Wi-Fi hotspot might really all you need.

@verita84 He was jealous of people calling Trump the God Emperor

@TelcontarE I wonder if in ten years, the movie Children of Men will turn into a reality.

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Anyone who cares Soapbox is a Gab fork is retarded and not our target audience. I know it seems like fediblock matters, but it actually doesn’t, because there’s a HUGE audience we can move to Fedi with the right tools and it will be a lot more users than Canceldon. They’re irrelevant.

@GNUxeava I love how even the lander has been turned into a doge carrier

@codewiz hackernews is a fucking shit website; an echo chamber for silicon valley fuckheads. Fuck everything about hackernews. Use Lobste.rs instead


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