The guy who got ousted from Mozilla over his campaign contributions?

@shebang @p @kro @Grandtheftautism

What if your kink was being gaslit (gaslighted?)

@alex I'd never delete them. I'd like to think of my instance as still waiting for them, always ready to accept a message long after the PGP keys have been lost. The Ghost in the Fedi

Here hold this :bong:

I wonder how many dead instances I follow. So many ghosts of things that were, but are now gone .. lost to the Ether

@legend Not the year of the Asian? (And remember, you can't have Caucasian without Asian!)

@thor I've heard that from another Norwegian; how small talk isn't common or even saying things to people casually is rare. .. She was a crazy Norwegian ( .. the middle one) ... like stole a care when she was 16 and became a women's studies major in Australia crazy

@thor Walking it attitude? Got that gait? That stretch?

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