@eightbitsamurai Are Rescue Rangers and Tailspin considered part of the Duck Tales universe? ... I mean .. Tailspin makes sense; cause Launchpad McQuack .. but Rescue Rangers?

@se7en only fanatics tattoo their unchanging beliefs permanently on their bodies.

@se7en I've been doing that since 2012 with my Gentoo image. It generally works. Make sure you use rsync as root, use -X for the extended permissions, reinstall anything that needs filecaps (rsync use to not copy those, which is why ping use to break, although I think that's fixed) .. I have a guide, but haven't finished it yet. I should really finish it.

@awg @adrint what was the reason for the again? Was it that purism removed the reporting api?

@ned Why deportation? The bi-lateral agreement allows Australians and Kiwis to be residents of the other nations (although Kiwis don't get Medicare .. someone screwed up those agreements). If they move to Australia and took a job and then committed a crime, why not just keep them in Australian prisons? Is this some type of cost cutting measure to make NZ pick up prison costs? They still need to serve their time, right?

@ExigentCircumcisions I think it's unethical. It doesn't make anyone safer. I don't care if society/taxes pays the prices of keeping them permanently locked in a cell and away from the rest of us. I'm more okay with my taxes going to that than killing them.

@shriekingmarxist I played ME1 entirely in a Windows emulator, ME2 via Wine and ME3 again in an emulator .. back when I pirated games. I think the only thing I have on Origin now is Titan Fall 2 .. can't check because I didn't even bother installing it on my new gaming computer.

@1iceloops123 @bichosan @josh @Dolus @nepfag @daphailwhale @daisuke Hopefully they'll write their own ActivityPub implementation instead of using a ripped apart, broken Mastodon fork. I think diversity of fediverse software is critical to preventing the current Firefox/Chrome bullshit (It's IE6 all over again).

@thegibson "I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain." -Frank Herbert, Dune

@Ricotta @MaggieMoore @benkostka huh ... I didn't realize that .. as late as 2018 too. I guess I should have said Western high income country. Looks like South Korea still has it too.

@benkostka @MaggieMoore I'm still against the death penalty, even as someone in my home state was just convicted of raping, torturing and murdering a visiting professor from China.

I made this video a few years back when I was helping with the Troy Davis protests. He was eventually executed:


The US is the only high income country left with the death penalty. Australia, NZ, and all EU member states have banned it. It's stupid expensive too. Let them rot for life.

@Mombi @Ricotta @awg I've been banned from a couple of instances for saying things as benign as "speech isn't violence" and "you should embrace non-violence and not punch Nazis" ..

I generally see blocking off people you don't agree with as counterproductive in moving society forward.

@brandon @mike Yea there was another thread on here about that; how it/they basically abused some scripting and tootctl to spam out follow requests. I haven't gotten hit yet. I wonder if we'll see further spam prevention filters and rate-limiters added to Pleroma/Mastodon/et. al.

@Ricotta There is value in knowing when to walk away from threads 💣💣💣

@Mombi @Grave They kinda emerged from the entire bofa.lol disaster.

@BestGirlGrace library? The the place for poor people to get on the Interwebs? 😇

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