@ThomasWic The best two documentaries about Iraq are "No End in Sight" (youtube.com/watch?v=vINM0CAysc) and Iraq: The Untold Story.

@opal @zemichi aww look .. it's still alive and wants to hug your face

@zpojqwfejwfhiunz I haven't heard of this YouToober before. He's pretty interesting.

@lilithsaintcrow Does Calibre still work? I thought it couldn't do the newer Amazon DRM yet.

@Julia Yea, @p is a pretty cool admin. I've enjoyed the threads I've been in with him. @sjw Do any SJWs actually call themselves SJWs anymore? I agree though. Blocking you because of an assumed position based on your name is pretty much playing into that false left/right us/them narrative bullshit. They're just as bad as the SJWs. Life is more complex than that. @ThisIsSmarta

let's get political 

@Kelly_NAproducR Remember to put on your mask first. In rapid depressurization, you'll be useless in less than 5 seconds. Help your kids first and they're going to grow up without a parent.

@Kelly_NAproducR and .. everyone with a few AR-15s in stock suddenly just got a 600% return in investment.

Gun and ammo prices skyrocket after every shooting. I know so many gun people who've made tons after shootings.

@sir They have to defend trademarks religiously to prevent genercisim. The velcro people are much more annoying; same with realtors.

@killeveryhetero oh .. I didn't see the 2nd one ... umm ... plot twist: driver doesn't actually own any pets or animals. 😋

@Nil01 nah, the all died during the flood, remember 😅

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