@judgedread @Jdogg247 oh man, I thought that girl looked familiar. I know where I remember her from. She's the same person who claims Domain Driven Development is sexist because it's abbreviated DDD:


@judgedread @Jdogg247 I'm a huge fan of public transport an not a fan of cars too, but there are two different issues here. First, thieves are fucking pieces of scum and there is no sympathy to be offered to the dipshits that break into your car. I hope whoever broke into his car gets hit by a train. Advocating he should use transport is good, but has nothing to do with being a victim of theft. Like she's literally victim blaming here. What if this wasn't a Tesla and he worked as a teacher?

Ugh. Matomo is really terrible if you just use it as a log analyser. Logs are not a first class citizen in its interface. Everything is setup around Javascript tracking (which I don't want to add). ... I dunno ... I think I'm going back to AWStats. I like its interface way better.

@lunarised @drskrzyk @wizard Man I miss, Kiwis and JAFAs and Jandals and the BeeHive and Snapper cards and co-workers obsessed with "The Cricket" and the 7s and having an opinion about constructing flyovers.

@kemonine Yea I have high hopes for the PinePhone. It might make it out before the Liberm 5. 😅 I have a Purism pre-order in that I haven't canceled, despite a lot of the concerns people have had. I should probably put in one for a Pinephone too.

@kemonine Cool. I ultimately would prefer to go Linux/KDE Plasma. I have some friends who have old phones that have some support in PostmarketOS. I'd rather try to build apps I need to fill in the gaps to make a Postmarket+Plasma device a daily driver. I figure I can just carry a Wi-Fi hotspot in my pocket since Postmarket seems to have a lot of Wi-Fi chips working, but very few mobile data radios.

@wizard @drskrzyk I love how it's the people, the fruit and the bird. I really wish the money was Kiwi too, so you could Buy a kiwi with a kiwi.

Also never say you "ate a kiwi." They will yell at you, "Kiwi fruit." I suspect it's drilled into them in primary school. 🇳🇿

@kemonine Cool setup. I have an XZ in the mail for the purpose of attempting Lineage + miniG. I currently have an Xperia 10, but there's no Lineage port for it yet ... should probably learn how to port Lineage but I have too many other things to work on 😔

@silver You ever watch any of the Suckerpinch videos? I feel like you two probably have similar motivations:


@Dawnz that means 72% have heard of Stalin. That's not failing. That's a passing grad for society.

@haveheart That's fair. Part of me kinda wants to move out of the city. It is pretty expensive to live here. I'm not sure where I'd go at this point though.

@haveheart You ever though about trying to find a job in a city and moving out?

There are 3 types of people in the world 

@haveheart I mean .. it's just a part of growth. I did that back in the early 2000s when you had to physically call people or ping them on AIM (and they had to have AIM open). SMS was just getting its start back then.

It'd probably be more isolating now. If you ever feel alone, text some people and invite them to a play. Pick one at random that's on and see who comes out.

@nosimpleway I put in a lot of effort to keep up with people. So many of my friends have drifted apart. It pays off though; when I stop in to see a friend on a thanksgiving drive; crash on a couch or a spare room to break up the travelling, and talk to someone who I haven't seen in years. Pretty much everyone is just doing the same. It's just good to sit and say high, have a smoke or a beer, and talk about times old and new. @haveheart

@haveheart Back in University I'd sometimes do that, and see how long it'd be before someone contacted me or invited me out to something.

@lightweight I wonder if increase antibiotic use in agriculture is contributing at all. China uses a few antibiotics of last resort in argra, against complaints from the WHO, et. al.

@andre @luna Don't lie. We all know you're the same person 😉

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