@icedquinn This Flynn stuff is fucking crazy. You been keeping up with that? Hey you know where you plead guilty and it turns out you weren't and we let you withdraw that plea? .. well that's perjury because you lied ... about being guilty

@icedquinn I didn't keep following the case. I'd just assume they probably settled with her? I just remembered Alex Jones also had that massive Humvee during the BLM riots. He's still got to be pulling in a lot of 💵 from his fan base. I don't get it. He's good for a laugh. He use to be really spot on in the 90s. Even when he has something sensible today, you know it's just so he can start ranting and pull in that sponsorship money.

@Synclair California is really two states. Eastern Cali is really different from San Diego/Fransisco/TheBay/etc. .. same with a lot or Norther Cali (Ft. Bragg and such). There are a lot of people there who've felt like their voices haven't been heard for decades.

@icedquinn His graphics people are pretty impressive. I'm sure they've had to hire a lot just to host their own video. I can't imagine what working there is like. I remember when the Mic Dicta podcast lawyers went through the case of the woman suing him for racism/hostile work environment. They had a guy they called their 'office jew' ... I just imagine it's similar to Gab, but probably more money

@icedquinn That requires finding competent tech staff to work for him

@princessgentoo I just walk around and write; and yes when I feel like it's ready, I'll rewrite the drafts so they look nice. The locations are kinda random. I'm usually out in the woods or on a lake, so I'll try to hold the notebook with some of the background showing.

@sjw @mewmew I haven't used them but it looks like it does:


I use docker/container labels, but you can also just put all your config in a file. I think it has official packages for distros.

@princessgentoo Neat. I'd read them if I knew Spanish. 😅 I was really into Spoken word for a while (sorry for the shit audio):


but for a while I've just been doing these photos of a page style things:


@sjw @mewmew I hadn't heard of this. It looks pretty neat; comes with it's own Dockerfile. I've heard Caddy was good too if you're just doing a web server.

Traefik is nice if you run everything in Docker, because you can just add a few labels and it will direct traffic to your container and get certs in the background.

@mewmew I started using Traefik (moving from haproxy + certbot + custom Python script) .. Traefik is really good at handling all the acme stuff for you.

@sampo @tuxcrafting Sometimes it's nice to take the long road and leave trash along the way.

cd /usr/src/<new kernel>
cp /proc/config.gz .
gunzip config
mv config .config
make menuconfig <save/exit>
make bzImage modules modules_install

You have to enable /proc/config.gz. (It stores your entire kernel config in the kerne)l. Makes upgrading easy, but there are probably a ton of new features I've totally missed out on.

@igel @mouse
> fick dich ins knie

This is probably my favourite German profanity

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