@mono @rw and then the fourth build to ever collapse due to fire, did so

@Salaru US bans the import of baby formula ... it's a racket

@AnoniBlob I'm guessing you're a blob of some kind .. a cat like one.


It has been `0` days since Tim Pool as mention Civil War

(the number never changes)

@binarytango beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beee boooo bawwww baaa beee *crackle* chahahahaha beep CHAHAHAHAA

@neo Credit card and account literally no longer exist. Charge backs on old cards are incredibly difficult. @PakkonenCT @jeremiah @shebang

@PakkonenCT Several e-mails asking for a refund. I was debating taking them to small claims court. Two years is too far to reliable do a charge-back (It was most likely on a card I don't ever have anymore).
@shebang @jeremiah

@shebang I have a lot of respect for Pine64. They've set reasonable expectations on all their dev kits and have shipped everything mostly on time. @PakkonenCT @jeremiah

@PakkonenCT Don't ever buy anything from that fucking shit company. Fuck Purism. They're scammers and shitheads.

@shebang @jeremiah

@shebang @PakkonenCT @jeremiah
> The Librem has nicer hardware

If they existed, then yes. I still haven't gotten my pre-order from 2019 and they refuse refunds. Fuck Purism!!

@WashedOutGundamPilot A modern version would be leaded gasoline and preventative covid medications

@Dawnz God they're both horrible. My dad really like Carter for some reason. Former Vice President Biden is worse that Carter, but he still 5,000 dead soldiers away from being worse than W Bush.

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