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I really love Jonathan Hadith's book The Coddling of the American Mind.

I'm about 1/4 of the way through it and it's really well written and argued. It talks about mobbing, call-out culture, outrage culture, etc. I don't agree with his generational arguments; I know people not in iGen with similar views--but it's important to realize you don't have to agree with everything.

Totalism is bad. It's not all or nothing, with us or against us, good or evil. People and ideas are complex.

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you know how in the bible at the very beginning they have this really boring list of just people being born and how long they lived and who their kids were etc etc? that’s the plot of GoT except it’s a list of people dying

Crazy fucking tied this morning. Danced till 3am. Made it to the 11am class.

I signed up for a dance weekend. I'm not actually that excited about it. Too much I actually need to get done. I'm also avoiding classes taught by the shitty instructor I can't stand from last year.

Hanna Holborn Gray’s principle: “Education should not be intended to make people comfortable; it is meant to make them think.”

So Captain Kirk (Shatner verion; the older one; like the age when he was in Bostin Legal) versus Commander Adama. Who would win? Fisty-cuffs? On the battlefield (if they had comparable warships)? Away mission? Diplomacy?

I've been going through old episodes of Boston Legal. I'm convinced William Shatner doesn't know he's really on a show. They just told him he was a lawyer and filmed him.

I then started to wonder if he's still doing things. Is it still alive? Leonard Nimoy was the one who died right?

I looked him on on IMDB. This movie is in post production to be released in 2019. ...... I have to see this.

The past six trains have been too full to board. Fuck 🚉 :flag:

What do people think about low cost NAS solutions? I was thinking of joining a Helios4 group buy. They're still $200 USD; cheaper than the newer HP microservers but still kinda up there.

An Indian, a Korean, a Pakistani and a white guy walk into a bar ... not really a joke, that was just my night. We saw a play together. It was fun.

My soon to be ex roommate sent me a wall-o-text .. Yea not reading that. I'll be home soon. I paid rent every month. It's not my fault you bought a new car sheet kicking me out. Fuck you dude

jline doesn't build. I could file a bug or just mask the package ... yea I'll be lazy :gentoo:

Employee orientation training: this is terrible. I feel like I'm trapped in office space with some over enthusiastic idiot asking me to wear pieces of flair

Are there any phones out there that can run Plasma Mobile and have full phone support, other than the Nexus 5? I can't even seem to find beta/alpha threads on xda-dev, unless they're referring to postmarketOS (which doesn't have working mobile radios any but a few phones).

If I want to run Plasma, it looks like my two options are buying a used or new old stock Nexus 5 or pre-ordering a Purism 5. Anyone else have another working Plasma device?

Star Trek Discovery: I wish wish someone would fucking shoot and kill ensign Tilly. It's like if Mr Barkley had a permanent role in each season.

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'@kde Connect has been removed from #GooglePlay for violating their new policy on apps that access SMS [1]. The policy has an explicit exception for companion apps (like KDE Connect), but it was removed anyway and *there's no way to talk to #Google*'

Just another example of how corps are willing to throw their weight around when it comes to avoiding taxes etc. yet are unwilling to put their weight behind any sort of customer service that would actually help people.

There was this girl I dated last year for like a month. We had sex once and then a few days of text later she said she had gotten serious with someone else. ... I left a 128GB usb stick at her house and forgot it plugged in to her TV. Finally replaced it today ... these things are stupid cheap now.

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