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One of my best friends stopped responding to me in 2015 ... no more texts, no messenger messages, wouldn't eve pick up the phone ... best friends since we graduated university .. event went to go visit her when both of us just went through breakups. I have no idea what happened. I should treasure the friends I have and not the ones lost. Some left by choice, others were taken by fate and mortality. It's been a long couple of years.

So .. raspbian-stretch desktop is 1.1G and raspbian-stretch lite is .. 1.7GB ... am I missing something here?

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I wonder if Death Stranding will ever come out.

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Who remembers, and

Are there any existing open source status boards out there that can do:
* http checks
* https cert checks
* ipv4 and ipv6 connectivity checks
* SMTP checks (also ipv4/v6)

..or at least enough of those features that adding a few more won't be that difficult?

I could just write my own I guess, but I have no much other stuff I need to write that I'd rather just contribute to an existing one.

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one may wonder why Pleroma is planning to block Tootdon, the answer is that Tootdon sends a copy of every post it sees to Tootdon's corporate servers.

That stupid Alex Jones Folk Song has been stuck in my head all week. "We love our Somalis. We love our Muslims. Aren't they so good. Aren't they so sweet."

Happy American Blind Nationalism Day (1 of 3)! 🇺🇸

Firefox just turned Pocket back on after I disabled it. I'm still not going to stop using Firefox, because the alternatives spy on you more. .. Kinda sad it's come to this.

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I started the day with a sugar free Monster, but I'm almost through it and still falling asleep. I'm going to get some , but I'm afraid no amount of caffeine may be able to keep me awake today.

I cam into work barely able to stay away. Had some coffee. Shitty. Starbucks. Drip brew breakfast blend office coffee.

I'm a little more awake now. ... probably going to need a sugar free Monster as some point.

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