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if it doesn't work the first time
don't stress don't stress
if it doesn't make you feel right
don't guess don't guess
cause we're too young too young
some of us, already gone
feel the rain and the sunshine, I
feel no stress no stress

-no stress, tycho

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I've seen things you people wouldn't believe.

Nodes on fire off the us-east-1 region of AWS.

I watched pen-testers fiddle in the dark near the VPN Gateway.

All those moments will be lost in time, like UDP packets on our LAN.

Time to reboot,
fucking windows 10 workstation.

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Why do Americans see the Great Depression as something their country "Just Went Through™" and that "[They] All Beat Together?"

What kind of doublethink lunacy IS that? All that shit was basically caused by Wall Street, millions of people destitute, ruined, homeless, hungry, dead and broken, because of the same system they defend do staunchly?

How fucking stupid can you get? It's like if Soviet citizens had been in possession of a (largely) free press, yet had chosen to celebrate the Holodomor as a "natural" disaster that "just had to be suffered through."

Is this how people in the capitalist monoculture that currently takes up most of the world are going to view covid-19? Is the destitution, the ruin, the staggering loss of life, just going to be seen as something we could have done nothing to prevent? Are we really going to have empty celebrations for the very workers we spent half a century grinding down after we broke their unions? Are we really going to ignore what the fat cunt bosses did to us here? Will people actually forget the shit that the accumulating class pulled on this one?
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what's the HTTP status code for "there's nothing here, there was never anything here, there will never be anything here, so please fuck off"?

Got this DNS tool/API working .. TTLs are wrong .. gotta fix that. Gotta do some of the docker key setup. Man I wish I had gotten more of this done instead of sleeping all day Saturday. Should probably get to bed. Long day tomorrow.

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@mewmew @johncdvorak She was doing some articles for Vice about the Fediverse, and we suspected she was working on a hit-piece about the "evil" instances on the Fediverse, so I completely changed the theme of the site to make it look like it was dedicated to social justice, and all the users posted fake posts pretending to be far left wing. It was a blast and I miss those fun times.
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Well .. I fixed the issue I had forever with conky appearing on the wrong monitor .. but I'm still really over conky ,, and I've already started my polybar config ...


What is it like to live in a world where we can't smile to one another?

God I was we still had cvcvcv. What amazing fucked up things would he say during this weird time? Would it still be all about the fluoride? Or would it be the 5G?

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