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I'm glad is still making videos, even though he hasn't been on fedi in a while:

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I'd also like to know why I'm an "awful fucking creep" .... hey people, before you write something you think no one will see, remember the Internet is full of real people.

@healyn , I never had anything against you. If you think I'm a "creep," don't subtoot, tell me to my face. Asshole.

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Jesus Christ do people hate me:

> he wrote one of the first decent guides to doing custom CSS stuff for a masto instance, but is basically just a stereotypical pleroma ding dongs

I love how my contributions are juxtaposed against the "stereotype" of people who choose a type of software.

I should have filtered who I copied to the new instance.

It's also interesting how @djsundog and djsumdog fans both seem to think the other is a complete asshole.

Well Kdenlive crashed .. and it crashes every time I try to reload the project 😡

I spent a few hours on that. I've tried deleting random shit from the XML file that I last worked on and it still crashes.

The state of Linux video editing is still garbage.

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Minsk #Belarus thousands of people on the streets protesting against rigged presidential elections

Huh ... so on Mastodon, you can do a search with resolve=1, but for the same thing on pleroma, it has to be resolve=true it seems.

I have an idea for a post that I think is going to be really good. I'm inspired by an ancient post I found by Larry Sanger.I think this will be really good.

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I miss dickkick. I know Georgia is still around. Did l0wkey or Ox ever come back?

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