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What's the point of even keeping people in the queue if the stock is out?

Spiritfarer has the feel of Stardew Valley, but with the graphics of Dust an Elysian Tail. It's relaxing and fun, but sometimes it just feels like chores.

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Is anyone else tired of everything in their life? Device fatigue, “news” fatigue, travel fatigue, hate fatigue, being-told-how-to-live-and-what-to-do fatigue. Negativity will go away when we stop paying attention to it.

"I intend to infest your planet with thousands of these genetically engineered
door-to-door life insurance salesmen" - Sludge Vohaul, Space Quest 2

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To shitpost, or not to shitpost,
that is the question, whether it is nobler in the mind ....

I'm still using Gimp .. are there better Linux tools out there?

I really want to get into n-gauge or z-gauge trains. I need to finish my soldering project first.

I have one Postgres instance that handles mastodon, pleroma and a ton of random shit. It's eating up 44GB and ~85%CPU. I'm really glad I have this dedicated server. This would have killed my old VM setup.

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I have heard democrats talk about election fraud being a rampant problems for decades and spent most of trumps presidency trying to prove it to be true. After spending four years insisting the election system is rigged now all of a sudden the system is infallible?

Don't get me wrongs i dont think its rigged, i wont dismiss it, but i want to see evidence and i have yet to see any.

I am just more concerned with the hypocrisy of a party that spent 4 years trying to go to court to get Trump kicked out for election fraud with no evidence is now all of a sudden completely offended when trump does the same and has been at it for only a day?

Also lets not forget Al Gore spent 35 days after the election was called claiming fraud before finally conceding


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Breaking news: Americans discover that fair elections don’t exist
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