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if i found projects i could immerse myself in for the long term, i’d think less about my life and just focus on those projects.

it doesn’t work for me. i lose interest in them all too quickly, so why even start them?

Federal judge for the Northern District of New York issued a preliminary injunction for COIVID-19 vaccine mandates on the basis that it conflicts with workers' religious rights and First Amendment grounds.

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I really want to move back home next year. I'm considering taking off two weeks from work after Spanksgiving and using it to talk to real estate agents and look at houses.

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Wrote a tutorial on setting up IPv6 on your home network if you use a custom router:
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New blog post on the Legacy Media:

and yes, I do mention No Agenda for all the Dames and Knights out there. TYFYC

I got Void Linux installed on this device that doesn't have a video port, using a custom boot image and a serial console:

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Finally finished up my tutorial on fully isolating Docker networks, for both IPv4 and IPv6, on a single host. I've been running this configuration for several months:
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Reims , France .

Covid pass required at terrasses ?
Time to picnic ...

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I know I'ved said this a lot today, but just to remind everyone, there was a massive regulatory disaster between the FAA and Boeing in 2019 which lead to two 737 Max 8 crashing, resulting in 100% causalities for all passengers and flight crew.

Remember 2019? Boeing? 737-MAX 8. Two airplanes of dead people? Good. So anyway, the FDA just approved a vaccine on Monday.

Read more:

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One of my first software engineering jobs was in the health insurance industry. I learned very early, the value of HIPPA and protected medical information. Medical privacy is essential in preventing discrimination. Now that's all gone.

My latest post is about the upcoming medical tyranny and the end to medical privacy:
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From Trump Source on Telegram What’s going on?

🔺 The Justice Department has issued guidance designed to caution states advocating post-election recount audits for the 2020 presidential election. “This document sets a mark that says the Justice Department is concerned about this, and we will be monitoring the situation closely,” said a spokesman for the U.S. Department of Justice.

🔺 Hundreds of Trump supporters greeted Biden in Pennsylvania, chanting “Trump won!” Biden traveled to Pennsylvania to give another rambling speech, this time about manufacturing in America.

🔺 Liberal news networks ignore the robbery of former Senator Barbara Boxer in California.

🔺 New documents show that the CDC coordinated COVID messaging and alleged “misinformation” with Facebook.

🔺 Sharpiegate: Americans from all over the country are speaking out after the publication of the fraudulent hand-filled ballots. They were forced to vote using a Sharpie marker to make it easier to tamper with paper ballots.

🔺 U.S. Senate votes to advance $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill. 17 Republicans (RINOs) voted to pass the bill.

🔺 Biden is surrounded by dozens of people without masks in Pennsylvania just one day after the CDC issued updated guidance that vaccinated people must wear masks indoors to stop the spread of the so-called Delta variant.

🔺 The National Police Association of America is urging Pelosi to investigate not January 6, but the BLM and Antifa riots, which caused much more damage to the country.

🔺 The Maryland Voter Integrity Team found serious anomalies in the presidential election in four counties across the state.

🔺 Pelosi calls Republican Party leader McCarthy an “idiot” after he said the mandate to wear masks at home is not based on science.

🔺 The Biden administration is forcing Border Patrol agents to wear masks, watching thousands of illegal aliens who fail COVID screening in the country every week.

🔺 A New York Times reporter calls for calling Trump supporters “enemies of the state” to combat “threats to national security.”

🔺 The mask-wearing mandate in St. Louis County was overturned by a 5-2 vote at a county board meeting.

🔺 Democratic donor and Hillary Clinton buddy Ed Buck is convicted of the deaths of two black men in his West Hollywood apartment from methamphetamine overdoses.

🔺 Only vaccinated employees will be able to return to Google and Facebook offices, according to the company’s new ruling.

🔺 Netflix requires mandatory vaccinations for actors, crew, and all participants in its productions. It is the first major studio to announce such requirements.

🔺 The volume of global tourism is down 85% compared to 2019.

🔺 Israel’s Advisory Committee recommends a third “booster dose” of the vaccine for everyone over the age of 60, and the Health Ministry is expected to approve it soon.

🔺 The government of El Salvador has issued an international wanted notice to former President Sánchez Cerén as well as ten members of the government on suspicion of money laundering.

🔺 The American Postal Workers Union, representing more than 220,000 people, publicly opposes vaccinations.

🔺 Pfizer intends to get regulatory approval for a third dose of its vaccine starting in early August.

🔺 One of the studies cited by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to justify changing their recommendations on masks is based on a vaccine that is not approved for use in America and has been rejected by experts.

🔺 Hamas threatens Israel with a new “larger and broader” escalation if Qatari funds don’t enter Gaza by the end of this week.

🔺 Record 689,313 pandemic alerts were sent to users of the COVID19 app, telling them to isolate and stay at home in England and Wales in a week, according to NHS figures.

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