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I have spend the entire week of this vacation, in my home town, having lunches and coffee and drinks with friends from high school, two friends from an old job, other people I knew from right after University. It's been kinda exhausting. Tomorrow I drive two hours and spend some more time with people from Uni. I think I'm gonna cut this trip short though, spend the last week at home .. take five days of vacation from my vacation

I really prefer the Fedi and chronical timelines. I use other social networks to promote my stuff, and probably get hit by the lack of a "Silent Bob" effect:

Good friend from high school gave me these when I came to visit.

Two quotes and this draft will be finished. I just had someone pledge $10 to each blog post on my Patreon. It'd like to get at least three posts drafted and in to my editor over this short vacation. I need to start working on video ideas again too.

I'm a little exhausted and have been eating terribly, but at least I'm seeing a lot of people and having good conversations and am getting some stuff written and work started.

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I just need to make it through tomorrow morning to make it through Thanksgiving. I could tell my sister trying to push the religious thing, but nope .. not even letting it in. You should have seen that look on her face when dad talked about how old the universe is. I kinda wonder if she's still a young earther, but not enough to go down that hole. I don't really enjoy Thanksgiving here. I'm not sure why I came.

Got my laptop out while on vacation. All the things I wanted to write .... yea .. I think I'm just gonna sit hear and browse Fedi and Hackernews

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Why am I dicking around on here. I need to finish packing, and cleaning, and shower, and get on this five hour road trip.

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How the fuck fighting against hate speech is the same than Apple and Google protecting their economical interests??

It’s not - but it’s taking a similar role: moderating apps. Once you start moderating apps, you run into many issues (what should be allowed, what should be banned, my app got banned unfairly, etc). F-Droid currently has a simple process that can be applied to any app with no subjectiveness: is it open source? Anything subjective can be abused, justify censorship, etc, and the open source world should not do it.

This drama is very tired though, they’re not gonna agree no matter how much you complain (which is a good thing).

Ugh. Matomo is really terrible if you just use it as a log analyser. Logs are not a first class citizen in its interface. Everything is setup around Javascript tracking (which I don't want to add). ... I dunno ... I think I'm going back to AWStats. I like its interface way better.

I use to be able to view all the Facebook events I was invited to bu using the /events/ical/upcomming/ API (the export to.. link on your events feed). Facebook changed it so it no longer shows invited to events .. you have to go to their site and respond to events before they show up. That's fucking bullshit. I'm so sick of Facebook keeping developers from their own data under the guise of "privacy" .. No you want to keep people on your shitty site. Now I gotta figure out how to scrape data.

I think I'm like 5 ~ 6 hours into Death Stranding and [no spoilers] ... package delivery simulator. This feels .. bad. The layout mechanism, the .. walking. I mean sure you finally get a motorbike, but I'm just so bored I'm not sure if I want to keep going. I'd rather play Stardew.

I've been reading Desert Solitaire; will probably finish it this weekend. There were two times in my life when I just took off and backpacked or lived on the open road. I didn't get as back to nature as the author of this book, but I felt I experienced some of the freedom he talks about, although in more urban settings:

I always felt weird about national parks, and this book not only acknowledges all the issues I've had, but talks about how public parks use to be.

My sidekiq queue is finally draining. Apparently Elastic Search likes to lock indexes as read-only if it runs out of disk space. I ran out of space because mastodon removed `--background` from `tootctl media remove` (remote media cleanup) and it wasn't scheduling cleanups. Now everything seems to be flowing correctly again.

Is it just me, or did upgrading to Mastodon 3 send performance to shit?

-13°C right now and a flood warning on the lake. ❄️⛄🌨

I was worried about the Death Stranding trailers revealing too much of the story ... it seems like almost all of the trailer takes places in the first two hours of the game.

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