Sooo... what's all this about Tusky and Tusky Uncensored? I have not been playing attention.

@jonathanharker Tusky hard coded blocks for instances they didn't like. I haven't heard of Tusky Uncensored .. probably a patch that removes those hardcoded blocks.

@djsumdog so I gather. Turns out I don't want to know what shitposting white supremacists have to say anyway, so I'm not concerned about it; same reason I don't care which spammers my email server blocks.

@jonathanharker I actually do care about what 'white supremacists' have to say. It's easy to label everyone people don't like as Nazis that it's important to actually listen to them and see what they're really saying. Pushing people to extreme corners makes things worse, because it removes moderate discussion from other forms.

I recently finished Haidt's book: The Coddling of the American Mind; and how safetyism has made it easy to dismiss people and increases polarisiation and intolerance.

@djsumdog @jonathanharker "in-group/out-group is necessarily destructive... voting is the death of democracy... democracy working well is quality of town hall discourse... vote as a last resort"

@djsumdog sure, but I'm talking about folks who *describe themselves* as Nazi white supremacists. I haven't the faintest inclination to entertain any of their batshit, even for a moment. Before the internet, we hardly saw such deranged crazy in print, because journalism, editorial review, and whatnot. Now any knucklehead can publish anything, and now we have to put up with altright, antivaxers, climate deniers, homœopaths and Ayn Rand fans. So ima just block that shit like the spam it is.

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