@djsumdog I tried Quantum and gave up and went back to Chromium. Since I’m out of the website business at the moment, I’m lazy and stopped caring about Mozilla in general. Goes back to some shitty dealings I had trying to get NTLM into Mozilla.

@djsumdog I’m not a huge fan of Foundation. I’ve been drinking the Bootstrap Koolaid for a while but whatever works matches my tech agnosticism. I’ve been moving everything to Jekyll with Netify for hosting and CI.

@djsumdog we’re being asked constantly to move to that twitter/fb model. It’s become a marketing/business decision. Nerds understand these things, the average person understands (or believe they do) Facebook and Twitter more. Im out of that space currently but I’m like you and setup individual accounts instead. I’d rather do that with a password locker than what anyone else provides.

@djsumdog they wanted validation instead of feedback. And honestly, that’s the problem with those wanting to limit free speech.


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