A Closer Look at the ‘Trojan Horse’ That is exFAT Inside Linux | Techrights techrights.org/2019/08/30/the-

Just because it's easy to right really shit JavaScript why the fuck do people have to make it a goal?

Skeptical Activism is that overlap in the venn diagram of Science and Consumer Protection. Occasionally that overlaps with the law as we. This is great to see.

RockTape Class Action Says Kinesio Tape Doesn't Relieve Pain | Top Class Actions topclassactions.com/lawsuit-se

Australia is so fucked up now. :/

Adani protest: French journalists arrested while filming anti-coal activities | Environment | The Guardian theguardian.com/business/2019/

I think this is a worthwhile thing to post here. More for the US readers, but that's why it's important.


A classic example of why 'celebrity' is not a qualification we should look to on scientific topics. Given how often he's been called out this topic in the past you have to wonder what was going through his head when making this decision.


Hey NZ gov't - here's a very solid, well considered, evidence-based approach you could vastly improve NZ's commercial export capabilities & competitiveness, improve social equity, legitimately claim to be leading the D9 Charter signatories, and increase gov't employee job satisfaction. All while saving the taxpayer a $billion or more each year. zdnet.com/article/cern-leaves-

Last couple of days of voting for the DrupalSouth standing committee...

groups.drupal.org/node/535061# Go. Vote! If you haven't already...

Last week the #zemlinpac (or @LinuxFoundation as it calls itself; it's not about Linux anymore) issued a press release suggesting #trump regime presses it to ban #huawei

Linux/GPL excluding #china ?

Time for Torvalds, a dual national, to leave the US and take #linux (TM) with him?

humans: *write about shitbags*


humans: *start throwing milkshakes at the rich and powerful*

shitbags, in unison, each individually worried about their own drycleaning costs: THIS IS TERRORISM OMG U PEOPLE ARE MONSTERS

Dear NZ teacher union - I reckon if you instructed the NZ gov't to implement this: openstandards.nz - they'd stop wasting about $billion/year on overpriced software, and could spend it on you instead...

And the very first comment on the story dives head first into conspiracy theory.

The Times view on homeopathic treatments: Dangerous Quackery | Comment | The Times thetimes.co.uk/article/the-tim

Adam Shaftoe on Twitter: "Soooooo I have been writing reviews for about ten years. My wife's review of Alien puts everything I have ever written to shame. "Alien is a movie where nobody listens to the smart woman, and then they all die except for the smart woman and her cat. Four stars."" twitter.com/AdamShaftoe/status

Thread by @chadhayesmd: "A : It’s Easter again, and for reasons that remain unclear to me, millions of people are spending time and money tu […]" threadreaderapp.com/thread/111

Quite a good summary of the quackery that is

It is only a matter of time before this is woven into every item of clothing we have.

Best in snow: New scientific device creates electricity from snowfall | UCLA newsroom.ucla.edu/releases/bes

It's the facilities that are solar powered rather than each individual , but this is still awesome. :)

## Powering Potential Expands to Peru | Open Source Initiative opensource.org/node/982

Well that's a bit of positive news for the day.

prescribing set to be blacklisted under NHS England plans | News Article | Pulse Today pulsetoday.co.uk/clinical/home

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