@djsumdog I have got to the point where I put out a standard council rubbish bag every 5-8 weeks and the recycling bins get put out about 3 times a year.

I heard somewhere that the typical person in a western society generates about 2.6kg of rubbish a day. I was a little shocked at that.

For reference, I have no citation for that number, but it was a source I generally trust to check that sort of thing.

@unifex @djsumdog We put out three 50L recycling bins, about 1/3 of a 70L waste bin, and a third full 70L composting bin, every two weeks.

Not great, but not bad for a family of five. This does require me to salvage stuff from the garbage that should go in recycling.

Unfortunately there are downstream issues with recycling (China not willing to take it anymore) and composting (facility had complaints by neighbours; not sure of current status). But it's still good to maintain practice.

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