Forgot to pack a lunch today so you know what *that* means: time to fuck up my stomach with some fast food and regret it all afternoon!

@Robby I went to Wendy’s first but the Wendy’s had burned down

@Thomas well dang. this is turning into a james joyce story

@Robby and just like the best of Joyce, after this fast food my guts will be impenetrable and confusing


@Thomas @Robby You can eat healthy even when eating fast food. Most places let you order a burger without the bun. Or if you feel weird about that, you can take off the bun and feed it to some ducks later. Popeyes has grilled chicken instead of deep fried.

@djsumdog @Robby this is contrary to my traditional fast food ordering technique which is to just say "fuck me up" and then take whatever they give me

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