Seems I've had my Amazon AND Gmail accounts compromised.
@djsumdog @orekix The amazon account was gotten to first. Whenever you try to reset the code, the email never shows up. Now the gmail is doing the same after I changed the code just yesterday. The code was changed again while I was sleeping.
@Dolus @djsumdog amazon support should be able to help you, gmail is difficult
@orekix @djsumdog Amazon hasn't gotten back to me. I'll have to call them and see if I can just deactivate that account.
@orekix @djsumdog Seems the damage may be minimal even if I don't get the account back. This was my 'normalf*g shit' account. I've already changed my bank cards just to be super safe, and I've moved my Steam, GOG, Humble and other shit over to a new email.
@Dolus @djsumdog good, word of advice, consider using a password manager
@orekix @djsumdog I do. A GPG'd archive with a plain text file. (I kid)
@orekix @djsumdog Come to think of it, the gpg'd archive would work. If you don't forget the password for the archive. Or GPG doesn't break compatibility...
@orekix @djsumdog But the remaining worry is that they COULD find out who I am. That said, I don't really think I'm worth doxing.
@djsumdog @orekix No. But the Amazon account would lead them to my email. And from there, it's just a matter of brute force to get into it.
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