i somewhat am curious what the "SJW features" crowd would make of my position that it is better to degrade compatibility with Mastodon for the sake of security than have broken security indefinitely...

@karen @kaniini That is one thing I really like about Pleroma. I've had threads broken on my server with remote deletes, but I can still find the entire thing out on other Pleroma instances.

@djsumdog @karen

you can find them on Mastodon instances too, in many cases. Deletes are really broken in ActivityPub.

Mastodon attempts to fix Deletes with LDSigs, but... that introduces problems of it's own because now there's a signed Delete message confirming that the thing you want to delete existed at one time.

Deletes could be fixed in all cases if we had authenticated fetches (because the origin would know *who* has the object!), and if Mastodon did not forward signed objects around the network.

@kaniini @karen I really need to start going through the protocol stuff. The patches I've submitted to Mastodon have all just been UI so far, although I've got one side-project that will throw me deep in that direction. I'm a bit stalled on motivation for it, but I should make an effort this week.


@kaniini @karen Nah, the other side project doesn't deal with Mastodon; but ActivityPub itself.

The Mastodon code base doesn't seem /that/ bad .. it's got a ton of test coverage, which is really what I care about.

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