I took LSD over the weekend and I got sad because I looked in the mirror and thought I was ugly. :(

I'm not fishing for compliments at all, I promise. Just telling the story of my reflection while high on acid.


@Mbaker Lucy in the Sky is one fucking hell of a drug. I remember watching the shadow of cable for a subwoofer constantly swinging back and ramming into the power socket, even though the cable didn't move. It was getting intense so I thought I'd go outside, and then a tree turned into a giant bug as a car drove by and I was like, "That's enough outside." It only lasts a day, but I feels like I've lived a year in that day, and your presence is the size of the entire universe.

@djsumdog On Mushrooms I was pretty frightened by airplanes and a lawn mower. Sounds tend to get me.
This trip over the weekend was fun. My 2 other friends both failed to make coffee with one of those tiny hotel 1 cup brewers. I was proud to accomplish coffee.

@Mbaker I did mushrooms like 3 years back with some friends in Amsterdam. They weren't as powerful as the stuff I had when I was younger, but still really fun. I don't think I could do acid again as a much older adult. I did several trips when younger, (my first trip was in a gay bar watching a drag show .. long story), but it's so intense that I'm not sure I'd want to touch it today.

@djsumdog Oh wow that would be pretty wild lol. I haven't had those life changing experiences that other people have. The kind that freak you out, I'm usually just amused by it.

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